Qtopia presentation

Today is a big day for me. I’m having a solo art exhibit for the first time in over twenty years of art making. Times, and my own relationship towards time, have changed.

I am no longer young. Even though I’m not old. I am now no longer interesting just for being transgender. Even though transness is still seen as something exotic. These times are more conservative and less sexpositive and less prone to emancipate minorities in collective society, while at the same time social media is more sexualized than ever and has selfies seeking attention from this same global social collective. I feel less visible as an artist, even though instagram art and etsy shops are everywhere.

This saturday at 13:00 I hope you will all join me in support of my talk in Nijmegen:

With this exhibit I’ve created my own retrospective – because no one else did. I’m actually quite proud to see I’ve made over 45 minutes of animation in the past twenty years and my new work looks quite powerful. Yes, I’m proud.

the artist and transactivist proudly presents new work.


A picture from the presentation itself:



Expo Jiro Ghianni retrospective: video art, comics and new photography

My best trans/gender/queer animated film works from the years 1998-2005 will be shown during the Qtopia Queer Arts Festival in Nijmegen. It is my first solo exhibit ever so this is major!
Additionally almost 200 episodes of my “Bosoms” transman comics will be exhibited and… brand new uncensored photographic pieces, under the title “New hair in strange places“.
My photographic work is very, VERY explicit.
On October 13th I will talk about the ‘new prudishness’ of the institutionalised times we are living in; and why I made these hard core nudes. It’s a dramatic story of intrigue, censorship, art-money and disconnected communication.
Initially I made these photos with an idea of transitioning in mind; it’s mostly about how I felt it was a very alienating experience to suddenly get all this hair in unexpected spots all over my body. Some of my hair growth is ridiculous. And I find it interesting how my fellow trans people never talk about how disconnecting the whole transitioning actually is: you get further away from your body before getting closer. But since the public response has been quite strong against my nakedness, it eventually became an art piece about how we never see different types of bodies in depictions of powerful beauty.

The Qtopia festival is opening september 30th and will end October 14th, but all of my own work will be up until October 31st 2018.


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Bosoms Zines deluxe @BAUT XXX Stripclub

I really need money.
So please buy my new zine!

Come and drop by at this incredibly fun (and still slightly professional) event in Amsterdam: the XXX comic Stripclub, where a huge range of Amsterdam comic artists will perform and present and you can touch actual real books!

Perhaps one day i will also have a real book out, like a real adult:

Facebook event:

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Cartoon · Sketch

Binary worries

Okay, so I’ve changed genders a couple of years ago, on the outside. People started calling me ‘he’ without me even asking for it. I’m still genderqueer (or more specific: genderneutrois) even though I changed my body. I’ve been playing the male role in society successful enough to be able to survive but many social must-do’s are still very much up in the air for me. I am supposed to act like a leader, but i don’t want to. I’m supposed to now start approaching people I wish to date, but I don’t want to. I’m supposed to show off my skills and act all confident, but I don’t want to. I don’t want to play this game.

I’m mostly pondering, so here’s a little sketch of one simple aspect of my life that could turn into an entire book, if I ever get the getting-things-done attitude:

When I was a girl I didn’t need to do anything – partners would come to me – and I broke up with them.
Now that is no longer the case; mostly I’ve become invisible, very few people want me. And if they do, they soon break up with me.

#270 Sensory Experience

Many transgender people ponder on what it might be like to have true total sensitivity in body parts they didn’t have at birth and may wish to have, or already have, or fantasize about having temporarily. My ex-bosoms are of course a little more odd in these matters, as they are with most things: it seems everything they touch immediately becomes part of their nervous system. Poor bosoms.


Well… WHAT IF we could actually feel with our MP3-player’s earbuds…?

End note: this is the first comic ever where I’ve drawn the bosoms with feet – except for one outrageous experiment, they don’t usually have any limbs.


#269 There’s an app for that

And here is the last of my unpublished-but-now-actually-blogged bosoms comics spree.


Modern technology is one of my favourite topics, just click any of these comix:


#268 Webforms

New bosoms comic! Although… Actually not quite new. It’s an old idea that I finally decided to draw anyway.


I’m starting to repeat myself you see here? But I do think it is important to make stuff even though it isn’t brilliant. Practice hopefully makes perfect. I need to DO drawing, not just think about it. Although much of my energy and time is taken up by my new job (since june I’ve started working as a webcontent employee with a bit of programming, and it’s all minimum wage).


#267 Crowd-funding

New comic from my stack of unpublished bosoms-works:


I’ve been pondering bringing out a self-published book, yet I fear it will lie in stacks somewhere to rot.


#266 …-whisperers

I told you: I still have an unpublished and unproduced stack of bosoms-comics left, so expect a bunch of new ones the coming days. I’m running out of subjects, since I’ve already done a bunch of crazy strips about dating. You just simply won’t believe this clickbait!!


I might have to explain this joke, which means it’s a bad joke. Here I am referring to the various kinds of ‘whisperers’ that roam our society this day, who typically get revered in the same fashion as shamans, such as dogwhisperers, catwhisperers, horsewhisperers, ghostwhisperers, babywhisperers and even taxwhisperers.


Comic: Beard Question

It’s not easy, life as a trans guy. Especially when your beard starts growing really thick.
So I made a comic about it.



#260 Filthy rich

Yesterday one of my very, very dear friends laughed at me because one of my shirts had a torn armpit part. Oh, not just one actually, but two. This made me think: will I be fashionable one day? With my freely flailing armpits?
Surely, now that Beyoncé is using the word feminism and Emma Watson is calling out for emancipation, it is without doubt that my idea will catch on big time.




Hm… Actually I think these shirts may catch on sooner if I keep the armpit parts look like they’re truly torn. For the hipsters.