Comics: in black and white dotted space

On instagram I’m now posting all of my new work much faster then on my website.
My goal is to develop a set, focused comic style. With probably a mix between naive and realistic elements. On instagram I’ve made my feed look more attractive by uploading my work in pairs of three in similar styles and colours, so they’ll look better as combinations in the standard 3×3 grid.
These three I’m not quite happy with, since I’m still having lots of trouble with figuring out the right amount of whitespace and composition, but I’m sure you’re enjoying them anyway.
I do like to omit color more and more, so please gleefully consume this new black-and-white polkadot style.
I aim to be a New Yorker cartoonist one day, oh yes I do.

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Comic: De aanval der Qualiens

(This post is in Dutch. Click here for the English translation of the comic).

Zelf erger ik me vaak aan strips die te ‘uitleggerig” of educatief zijn. Of waarvan ik het gevoel krijg dat ze me een expliciete mening op proberen te leggen, terwijl elke strip natuurlijk wel een boodschap heeft. Zeker die van mij Hoe suggereer je een boodschap die mensen aan het denken zet zonder dat het een preek wordt? Is kunst alleen goed als het meer dan 1 ding kan betekenen en ambigu blijft? Is een activistische strip eigenlijk altijd per definitie slecht want te sentimenteel?
Onderstaande vertaling maakte ik onlangs met het doel om deze in Kutlul Magazine te plaatsen, maar deze is geweigerd omdat het te ‘educatief’ zou zijn. Zelf zie ik dat niet zo.
Lees en geniet.

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Art: The Ironic Queer Self-defense series

Question: I am doing a series of drawings about ironic queer self-defense but I need more ideas.
Situations where the anti-queer bashing can be undone by something very, very queer.
Send me your ideas! Win something!

Here are the first three I came up with.

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Art: Anxious Love Series

Two weeks ago I appeared in a major Dutch newspaper; in an interview about cruising in the gay scene as a transman. All of the text was carefully and correctly constructed, with much emphasis on sex-positivity. I got a lot of positive responses, but also a few dumb ones and those are the ones that linger. I was annoyed by one person who claimed I had no love in my life, since the whole article is about dates that are purely focused on sex. But of course I actually talk to the guys I date. Connections do get made. And besides my cruising lifestyle I still fall in love, with both men and women and any other sex or gender or non-gender… In fact: the search for true commitment and a deeply meaningful connection with someone else is my main quest, and my biggest pain.

Here is a whole new series I did about that, and how affection causes the biggest of anxieties. These are things that make me blue (hence the blue ink).

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Art: the *complete* 2018 Queer Advent

It is done. And again quite the challenge to try and draw a new gag or a new original idea every day. By the end of the month I couldn’t do it anymore so I posted three reworked Bosoms comics.
Anyway, here is all of the goodness that I made for my queer advent calendar (I will exhibit some of them and they will be for sale in the Dokhuis Gallery in Amsterdam this February):

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Art: my mother’s plant

The one thing I’d take with me if my house would catch fire.
When my mother dies I hope to be able to keep the plant alive that she gave me when I was a twelve year old girl.
It has seen and survived many things.
This drawing can be seen in my current exhibition this month.

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Art: International Prototype of Masculinity

If anything happens that’s outside of gender norms, fragile masculinity immediately deflates, so the base unit from the International Prototype of Manliness must be kept static and clearly defined at all costs.


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Some new drawing styles

Do you see it? The new lines? Here is some new work, in various shades of melancholia.

Spaghettivreter’: Forgotten racism – selfportrait as a greaseball.
When I was a little kid in the seventies, Italians were seen as primitive and a lesser type of human. My teacher in kindergarten literally said “foreign children are not as smart as Dutch children” Continue reading “Some new drawing styles”


Cartoon: The Nightmare of the Fisherman’s Wife

This year my work got censored at my very first solo exhibit. One of the conditions said explicitly that ‘bestiality’ was not allowed, which immediately made me think of the classic piece The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife that would be deemed inappropriate here. I’m still wondering if there is more censorship in queer art than in straight art, since I’ve never been confronted with such conditions before. The festival I was part of got money from a fund that explicitly mentioned bestiality and pedophilia as prohibited from the art + my cute not-very-scary Bosoms comics were banned from a theatre. I’ve never been so confused.

The theatre wanted to exhibit my work, but not the explicit stuff. I never got a chance to discuss this with them. I was planning to be totally willing to give in to them – which means I would have censored myself! But the festival just moved me elsewhere (again with problems). My next expo is in a restaurant; and i’m already in a panic about what to show.
The Dutch are not as openminded as they think. All I can say after this ordeal is: I’ve been looking for ways to make my work MORE explicit, not less.

Here’s new work I made. Like it, subscribe to my instagram, share, or pay me:



Inktober 2018: 1-10

Every day in October I will be posting a new comic or drawing of some sort on my instagram

The event is inktober. I like the limitation of keeping myself to the official ‘prompts’ of each day. The words we got for the first batch are rather disappointing: Poisonous, Tranquil, Roasted, Spell, Chicken, Drooling, Exhausted, Star, Precious, Flowing.
I was going to ste myself a challenge to still try and make every drawing as queer as I can, and it didn’t always work out.
Here are the first ten that I did: scroll down to see how they’re clearly getting better and better every day.
My personal favourite is ‘Roasted” – what’s yours?

PS: I made my own Queer LGBT Promptlist – so scroll down to get into Queertober.

Jiro instagram


Jiro instagram
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Exhibit: Pakjekunst september 21-22-23

Everything is happening all at once: this month I will be exhibiting my work in THREE art shows.
First one that is coming up will be ‘Pakjekunst‘ – inspired by the German ‘Kunstautomate’. In this nationwide project a whole bunch of cigarette machines will be spread around the country and filled with tiny boxes of real art, no bigger than the size of a cigarette pack.
I will be exhibiting 20 completely new pieces: abstract experimental comic books. This brings me back to how I started out in art originally, as an abstract painter. Each book contains hand-painted and hand-drawn abstract stories of 8 pages each, where a shape starts out as a complete whole, then gets into a formal crisis and eventually explodes and disappears. Because Life is entropy. For only 4 euros you can buy yourself a pack with real art! Pull that vending machine handle!
All booklets have a title with the word ‘Pain’ in it. So there is “Triangle pain”, “Square pain”, “Circle pain”, “Shape pain”, “Line pain”, “Gender pain”, “Sex pain”, “Wonder pain”, “Virtual pain” and “Wisdom pain”.
All of the works are signed with my name Jiro Ghianni and an autograph.

Kunstuitleen site and info 
Facebook page for Rotterdam artists is here.
Opening event in Rotterdam 21-22-23 september.

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Love Letter Drawing: “I admire your spit”

Not a comic this time, but a more autonomous art drawing: it’s some kind of love letter. Showing the only way I know how to love: weirdly.
(Scroll down for the full illustration text).

Other news: I will be exhibiting completely new work soon: photography! Never done that before. My work is part of the Qtopia Festival which will be opening on september 29th in Nijmegen.
It will show a retrospective of my video art, my comics and new explicit photography of my transmale nudes in a photo series called “New Hair in Strange Places”.

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