Cartoon #229 Fetish


Oh dear, oh dear, you really should not have looked at this cartoon… Now you’ve made the bosoms orgasm!
There are other comic strips out there, that are way more brilliant!
If you want to see good examples, read further (NSFW) and/or you should have visited Get a room! on friday april 20th, in Utrecht, because they showed the documentary ‘Sex in the Comix’ – scroll down for my winning coloring book page! 🙂

The power of comics should not be underestimated. For example the ones by Tom of Finland really totally defined gay male kink subculture. His visualisation of the idealized albeit unrealistic masculine body was truly pioneering.
Currently my absolute favorite is – it is SO VERY GOOD it genuinely makes me doubt wether I should continue making cartoons at all… The way Trudy Cooper draws them is so very well lined, very well colored, perfect shadows, so very queer friendly and with well timed punchlines…. It makes my work useless.
Click here to read a good review about Oglaf, it is absolutely awesome and picking up fans at a great pace. “Her wit is sharp, quick and delivered like a ninja delivers a killing blow. Only the ninja usually has no pants and everyone laughs instead of dies.” Apart from being funny, I actually do find it erotically enjoyable as well.

If you look for them, there are plenty of online webcomics out there that you can click and read for free. Here are some I can recommend:

* There is also Nic Buxom. Nic is a pro-Domme and has a great sense of humor! Her work is not adult in that there’s a lot of sex going on but adult in the sense that it deals with Fetishes and BDSM topics.

* Bloomin’Faeries is not as funny in my opinion and since not ONE single penis has been shown, it feels a bit too hetero. The activities of a busty and mischief-prone fairy in a fantastical version of the Middle Ages drive the story; the comic follows the human characters and their poorly chosen actions. The art gets better (and more colored) every episode.

* Girls With Slingshots is just a great comic for people over the age of 18! And while it doesn’t depict too much graphic sex, it does have a dominatrix, adult stores, a magazine called Pussy Whipped, and various drunken shenanigans. The characters grow on you and one of them feeds into my librarian-girls-with-glasses-fetish.

* The Thin H-line, is a lesser favorite for me but occasionally smart. With black-and-white drawings. Can be a bit depressing sometimes.

* Menage-a-3 occasionally has some sex scenes, it’s very gay friendly but mostly hetero-gazed – even though its main storyline is about a cute riotgrrl and a nerdy guy who both dig the same lusciously boobed maiden. The quality of the jokes differs a lot throughout the episode, but the main quality is: it’s very well drawn in black-and-white! In a very nice slick modern manga-like style.

* Chester 5000 XYV is fairly unique. In an expressive Art Deco like style, with little dialogue. It’s hetero but I’m a sucker for robots so that’s why I like it.

* Patrick Fillion is also very noteworthy, since he’s kind of the new Tom of Finland right now. Obviously his work is mostly meant for pleasuring oneself, storylines are less important. And: it’s not funny! I prefer humor. Con: it’s not free.

* The last one I want to show you ‘Curvy‘ is a kind of graphic novel, from a women’s perspective, with an artistic independant feel to it. All episodes can be clicked for free.
Don’t expect big belly laughs here, although Curvy does get a lot lighter from chapter ‘World 2-1’ onwards.

Warning: don’t try to read the episodes of the cartoons I mentioned all above in one go, and if you do: don’t blame me for your procastination!

UPDATE: The ‘Get a Room!’ edition of friday april 20th at Cult Dealer Enzo was great! Really enjoyed the film (lots of famous comic illustrators and lots I actually did not know. Among which: Robert Crumb, Milo Manara, Ralf König, Aurelia Aurita, Aude Picault and Zep).
After the screening Madame Julie led a workshop on erotic coloring pages. The room went silent. All adults were coloring ferociously with the tongues from their mouths. At the end of the evening, unexpectedly we were asked to rate everyones’ colorings with cute little stickers (like in kindergarten) and… I won, I won, I won! I’m so honoured!
There were lots of other pretty colorings too, like the pirate with the fleas and the rainbow penis.
Not-Safe-For-Work photo-impression here:

My winning work:


Lovely rainbow penis:


Lord of the fleas:


This was the last ‘Get a room!’ of the season but make sure to catch ‘Drift‘ countering the Midzomergracht festival and view the TranScreen screenings in Cinema Hooft!