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– the Home page shows 10 of my latest cartoon posts at most but there are navigation-buttons all the way at the bottom of the page, which lead to previous/next posts
– if you just want to see The Bosoms comics ONLY you can do a Search in the top Search bar just by searching for the # hashtag symbol  because all the Bosoms comics are numbered 🙂
– or go to the menu on the right, and search for the ‘Past Months‘ menu, for easy navigation.
– each cartoon also has its own page
– underneath each cartoon you can find a link to the previous (‘older’) AND the next (‘newer’) cartoon (if there is one)
– underneath each cartoonpage you can post COMMENTS!
Scroll down and look for ‘Leave a reply’ or look for the balloon-shaped picture:
– Please note: you can also VOTE for each cartoon!
– Click on a cartoon to ZOOM in and enlarge it
– each page has the same menu on the right
– sometimes there are fun competitions with prizes


– each cartoon is posted on twitter with a direct link to @thebosoms
– The Bosoms want to be ‘liked’ on Facebook too!
– there are 3 ways of subscribing: via RSS, via WordPress and through e-mail (click button all the way down right at the bottom) so you can receive each new post in your mailbox directly!
– here is a fun button: CLICK HERE FOR A RANDOM POST.

+ Last but not least: this cartoonsite can also be viewed on your mobile phone!

You are allowed to distribute my cartoons freely, but… do not alter them and please always link to me, my cartoons are published under this free Creative Commons license:


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