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June 18, 2018 / TheBosoms

#273 Needs more mental

Big news today: In the new International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11), transgender is no longer considered a mental disorder. In the words of the World Health Organisation: “…[transgender] is classified under sexual health conditions. This should reduce stigma and improve care.” *
A very big deal.
I am one of those trans people who thinks (knows) being trans is not a disease, nor is it something I wish I wasn’t born with. It’s just diversity of the human form, that’s all. It certainly gave me the incredible opportunity to live two completely full lives from dramatically different perspectives.
I know being trans is not the same as being gay, since being gay doesn’t mean you need to get some form of medical treatment in order to “reach the gayness” which is often very different for transgender and otherly gendered people who might be in need of bodymodification.
Well, I say: hurrah, bring out the alcoholic beverages, so we can get Parkinson’s and get a chance to get classified as drunk into a whole other section of the ICD!

* The WHO has just announced the beginning of a new phase, focused on implementation and assessment at country level, presented for final approval at the WHO Assembly in May 2019.

March 2, 2018 / TheBosoms

Drawing the times: Sex & Gender issue

Drawing the Times is a platform where committed graphic journalists and cartoonists worldwide publish works that inform, entertain, engage and challenge readers on global issues and local stories. Four times a year Drawing the Times does a Special on a specific topic, like Climate Change and Human Rights. This march 2018 it’s all about “Sex & gender”. They published my work about sexual harassment, documenting my own personal experiences with how harassment is performed within differently ‘gendered’ spaces throughout the plethora of my sexual endeavours.
My fellow former Zsa Zsa Zine colleague Maia Matches is also in the same Special. She’s such an awesome and untouchable talent!
Other former members of Zsa Zsa Zine that have been published on Drawing the Times before are Mas Hab and B. Carrot.

View more here:


January 25, 2018 / TheBosoms

#246 Maria

Well… This could very well have happened.
The last unpublished Bosoms comic from the vaults! Again from 2013.
It was one of the full page spreads I proposed for the VPRO Gids.
It’s a good joke I think! But the publisher decided they preferred my more topical joke about the (then) new to be crowned Dutch King.

Original Dutch:

January 17, 2018 / TheBosoms

#245 The Bosoms – The Musical!

Here is another old episode from 2013, never published before – a reference to the trend to turn EVERYTHING into a musical.
If Anne Frank can be exploited, why not transploitate my life into a musical?
So here it is:

English translation:
I’m not a woman
I’m not a man
But I can
live without bosoms.
The bosoms are now free
but those nipples stay with me!
Luckily there are many forms that ask if you are “M” or “F”
– if not we might forget what we are!
The first chest hair (‘Aaaah!’)
The first media attention
‘Yes thank God we are transgender, there is nothing else about us that’s even remotely interesting’
Soon in a theatre near you?

Real fans must have noticed this old 2013 episode contains two gags that I used separately later on:







January 3, 2018 / TheBosoms

Art: Selfportraits

Can you always tell if the director of a movie is a gay man or a woman? Does food taste different if it is made with love? If you look at my self-portraits, would you be able to tell whether they were made by a transman?

These are a bunch of questions popping up in my mind while I am making sketches for a rather ambitious project I’m planning to do: drawing a multiple panel comic adventure with a famous actress as one of the main characters. I’ve never been able to draw someone and really make it look like them. I think the problem is our brain turns faces into caricatures, meaning I should exaggerate very specific individual parts in an individual’s features. But they have to be the right parts or it just looks ‘off’ – like perhaps my own self portraits. The truth of what I look like lies somewhere in between.

December 30, 2017 / TheBosoms

#244 Sketching for the kids

This is a post from 2015 that never got published. Mostly due to my depression than ran all the way through in 2016 (not a good year for any of us). But here it is:

Everybody who knows me, knows that I love kids, if they are over the age of 21… I usually avoid any human being born before the year 1995 however I was super stoked about having received a commission from Rutgers WPF/Sense and the top gay youth magazine of the Netherlands: ExpresZo.
In their april/may 2013 issue they had an extra insert called ‘Trans&Zo’, focusing on trans people – including a short interview with me and also a full page cartoon, guest starring the bosoms! It was distributed widely all over the Netherlands.

The assignment was thus: “Help, we suddenly need a full page illustration within one week. The subject should be something about the LGBT coalition in a playful and funny way. Why are we talking about LGBT? What do LGB and T have to do with each other? What do they have in common and what not? Which prejudices are there about LGB towards T? In which are they the same and where do they overlap? Do LGB’s overlap amongst each other and perhaps also with T? The idea is that your cartoon should make readers (both LHB and T) stop and think.Read more…

November 12, 2017 / TheBosoms

#272 Damn skills

It happened! New Bosoms comic here; the first one since over a year. Our favorite two little perverted trans* brats are back!
Please enjoy the English version, the subtly different Dutch version and all the deeper meanings plus all the feels as an extra bonus. The Bosoms say ‘hi!’ back to you all:








November 3, 2017 / TheBosoms

The domestic art of Halloween

It’s been more than a year since I did a comic. Offline I have announced I officially quit being an artist. After trying for 19 years it’s just not worth it anymore.
So now what?
Not-being-an-artist doesn’t quite yet have that true identity ring to me, but I’m slowly creeping towards a resolve. I think my main art is ‘being domestic‘ right now.
Like: this Halloween I went dressed as a ‘home for the elderly’, because that’s the scariest thing I can think of. I painted varicose veins on my arms. And I baked cookies for friends: such as bleeding unicorn corpses (uni-corpses?) and fist-fucking-hands cookies. This is normal to me. Read more…

December 11, 2016 / TheBosoms

R.I.P. Peter van Straaten

From the look of my work you’d never know but the very smart art of literary cartoonist Peter van Straaten is my main influence in comics. His short and 100% accurately poignant lines were always on par. In Dutch I’ve tried to mimic him a couple of times, like I did here in 2001:


The above comic shows two intellectuals being harassed by a street drunk; their reply to him is “No thanks… We can insult ourselves just perfectly fine…” – which sounds less effectively funny in English than the very particular and subtly different way that this can be put in Dutch.
2016 is coming to an end, it was another crappy year, nicely following up on the trend of more discrimination, more violence, more neo-liberalism, more populism, more sexism and a crippled left, like we’ve been seeing since 2001. And besides David Bowie we’ve now lost Peter van Straaten.

The only good thing is we still have their work. Let’s cherish it.


(Comic showing a bar with only women and two men passing. The younger man asks “But how can you tell, dad?”).

November 10, 2016 / TheBosoms

The new order

So from now on it’s not ‘just‘ women, LGBTQ people and other minorities who will get bullied, but the entire world.
Let’s see how they handle that.

I am of course talking about Trump. I can’t believe he’s receiving official congratulations from world leaders, without any nuance. Diplomacy was always a way to prevent the worst, but now, being diplomatic and polite about this particularly impolite winner of the US elections means they’re condoning rape and racism. By allowing some form of diplomatic invulnerability for this president-elect, international politicians are silently complicit in giving this character license to continue his damage. A line has been crossed, the final one.
Do you ever wonder: what would I have done if I had been occupied by the Nazi’s? Would I be in the resistance? This is one of those moments, for world leaders now. If this isn’t bad enough to speak up, what is? It’s time, to step out of this tactic masquerade and fight.

Imagine world-leaders shaking hands with this disgusting new president, smiling with pain. Not daring to speak up. Now they will know what it feels like, when you just know something is wrong, but you don’t have the power to address it. I cannot help but draw parallels between their submission and the kind of silence that sexually assaulted women are forced into.

rpToday I can’t yet draw a new comic and I don’t think the world needs another disappointed European such as myself, so here is a drawing of one of my freakiest characters ever (besides the bosoms): the radish-puppy, from my Planet Espresso adventure. Yes, that was one of my most dystopian stories that I still have plans on making more episodes of.
I’m sure the new world order will inspire me much.

October 21, 2016 / TheBosoms

Trauma in thumbnails

It is done, I’ve succeeded in keeping up with the high pace of my sequential art class. Last assignment: create a storyline that must contain the following 3 elements:
-1. a park, –2. a child, and –3. a balloon that comes to life.
Most people I guess would make fluffy lovey-dovey and sugary sweet story-lines with this, but not me… When I think of childhood, I can think of nothing else but trauma, neglect, anxiety and bullying!
So here is my first attempt to make a serious piece, instead of my usual gags and humorous work. This gets close to home. In this work I show myself as an adult male and then simply just jump to displaying myself as a little girl – without any explanation, something I quite like here. I wonder if a random unsuspecting reader would get confused by this, and somehow not ‘see’ the genders, which would of course totally be a perfect demonstration of its social construct 🙂

NOTE Content warning: emotional child abuse.
Partially fictional, but mostly accurate.

Remember these are only sketches, it’s not a fully fledged graphical piece.
Click the gallery, escape to go back:

Read more…

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