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December 11, 2016 / TheBosoms

R.I.P. Peter van Straaten

From the look of my work you’d never know but the very smart art of literary cartoonist Peter van Straaten is my main influence in comics. His short and 100% accurately poignant lines were always on par. In Dutch I’ve tried to mimic him a couple of times, like I did here in 2001:


The above comic shows two intellectuals being harassed by a street drunk; their reply to him is “No thanks… We can insult ourselves just perfectly fine…” – which sounds less effectively funny in English than the very particular and subtly different way that this can be put in Dutch.
2016 is coming to an end, it was another crappy year, nicely following up on the trend of more discrimination, more violence, more neo-liberalism, more populism, more sexism and a crippled left, like we’ve been seeing since 2001. And besides David Bowie we’ve now lost Peter van Straaten.

The only good thing is we still have their work. Let’s cherish it.


(Comic showing a bar with only women and two men passing. The younger man asks “But how can you tell, dad?”).

November 10, 2016 / TheBosoms

The new order

So from now on it’s not ‘just‘ women, LGBTQ people and other minorities who will get bullied, but the entire world.
Let’s see how they handle that.

I am of course talking about Trump. I can’t believe he’s receiving official congratulations from world leaders, without any nuance. Diplomacy was always a way to prevent the worst, but now, being diplomatic and polite about this particularly impolite winner of the US elections means they’re condoning rape and racism. By allowing some form of diplomatic invulnerability for this president-elect, international politicians are silently complicit in giving this character license to continue his damage. A line has been crossed, the final one.
Do you ever wonder: what would I have done if I had been occupied by the Nazi’s? Would I be in the resistance? This is one of those moments, for world leaders now. If this isn’t bad enough to speak up, what is? It’s time, to step out of this tactic masquerade and fight.

Imagine world-leaders shaking hands with this disgusting new president, smiling with pain. Not daring to speak up. Now they will know what it feels like, when you just know something is wrong, but you don’t have the power to address it. I cannot help but draw parallels between their submission and the kind of silence that sexually assaulted women are forced into.

rpToday I can’t yet draw a new comic and I don’t think the world needs another disappointed European such as myself, so here is a drawing of one of my freakiest characters ever (besides the bosoms): the radish-puppy, from my Planet Espresso adventure. Yes, that was one of my most dystopian stories that I still have plans on making more episodes of.
I’m sure the new world order will inspire me much.

October 21, 2016 / TheBosoms

Trauma in thumbnails

It is done, I’ve succeeded in keeping up with the high pace of my sequential art class. Last assignment: create a storyline that must contain the following 3 elements:
-1. a park, –2. a child, and –3. a balloon that comes to life.
Most people I guess would make fluffy lovey-dovey and sugary sweet story-lines with this, but not me… When I think of childhood, I can think of nothing else but trauma, neglect, anxiety and bullying!
So here is my first attempt to make a serious piece, instead of my usual gags and humorous work. This gets close to home. In this work I show myself as an adult male and then simply just jump to displaying myself as a little girl – without any explanation, something I quite like here. I wonder if a random unsuspecting reader would get confused by this, and somehow not ‘see’ the genders, which would of course totally be a perfect demonstration of its social construct 🙂

NOTE Content warning: emotional child abuse.
Partially fictional, but mostly accurate.

Remember these are only sketches, it’s not a fully fledged graphical piece.
Click the gallery, escape to go back:

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October 13, 2016 / TheBosoms

The adventures of DeeDee The Drag Queen

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Comics class week #5

Today’s comics homework had the following challenge: you get a short, predefined script, for which you must choose 3 different layouts, changing the pacing and the accents but not the narrative nor the characters. So three times the same story, but with different panel-to-panel relations.

Script to follow:
The MONSTER crashes down the hallway towards our hero, DeeDee Danger, and her sidekick, Karl. She carries a laser blaster that looks like it would be useless against the hulking power of the Monster. Karl cowers behind DeeDee as the Monster’s weight begins to collapse the concrete floor.
Karl: “Get us out of here, DeeDee.”
“The floor is crumbling.”
“The whole place is going to come down!”
Monster: “AAUURGH!”

(Try to create your own comic with the above script first!
What Karl, what kind of DeeDee and what monster are you thinking of?…

Now take a look at what I did to it):

I immediately thought “if the heroine of this story is named DeeDee Danger, then she simply MUST be a fierce drag queen!” I think I became the first (and only one) among all course-members to come up with a non-scifi non-fantasy styled visual scenario.
So here I present:
The adventures of DeeDee Danger The Drag Queen, and her sidekick Karl the Gay Skinhead – fighting the HIV virus monster!


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October 11, 2016 / TheBosoms

What if… cis men would have…

Here’s a comic I made a few minutes ago, as a sort of inbetween-procrastination-thing. What if cis men would have vaginas? I think their expressions would be different than those of transmen, because cis men never lived life as a woman before. Of course this is a very tricky statement, but bare with me:


Don’t you think this might be accurate? Gags like these have been made before; along the lines of “if men could menstruate they would brag about it” – but I just had to make this one, because in my new job I am ONLY working amongst men, and it makes me feel like a weird ‘under cover’ genderqueer secret agent.

“What if…” is a core question that I’ve made a quaint comic series of before, but differently.
And about my procrastination: I only have a couple of hours left to finish 3 full comic pages for my graphic novel class, and I haven’t even started them, but hopefully I’ll upload all of them within a day. I’m slow, I’ve caught a cold, possibly because I was chasing Pokémon again. I hope that, when I die one day, and I will see my life flash before my eyes, it won’t just contain a lot of sneezing…

October 5, 2016 / TheBosoms

Compressing and decompressing time

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Time… I found this to be the hardest assignment for my comics class so far… This is typically something I just do intuitively, but this week we had to draw 3 different time-sets in pre-existing templates: one second, one hour, one day.
I had quite the lack of inspiration so this time I don’t have any of my usual smart gags. I’m however quite happy with the way the drawings turned out and I really needed to make a comic about my traffic accident, which was long overdue. I got hit by a motorscooter 2 years ago while cycling; I finally had knee surgery a couple of weeks ago and I’m still recovering. I haven’t been able to kneel all this time, which is quite problematic if you’re living a queer sexual lifestyle…

(Scroll down for many more brainfeeding ramblings)


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September 27, 2016 / TheBosoms

A comic every day… (Not…)

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ralph-wiggum-learndingOkay, so I’ve started a new job AND I’m doing a speedy in depth comics class on Kadenze.
The assignment this week was to do a comic every day, but I almost couldn’t… It took me two weeks to come up with the 5 things to turn into an ‘analyzable’ strip. Meaning: 5 different ‘relationships’ – and there are 14 different ones to choose from (mostly along the lines of Scott McCloud) but I had a really difficult time figuring out wether something I came up with was ‘interdependent’ or ‘intersecting’. Of course I tried working the other way around: first choose a relation, then draw a comic based on that, but as I am sketching it just gets more and more and more and more complex… Which is weird because my most successful comic is a ONE panel comic!
I might be turning from a gag-maker into an academic if I don’t watch out.
In the words of Ralph Wiggum: “I am learnding!
I like how this whole thing forces me to produce new ideas quickly but I am sad to find out I’m very slow with drawing – so I’m using smartphone selfies as a template. Still, when I draw something from hand, no matter how sketchy or crappy, it actually looks much better than when I use pictures. I need to keep that in mind.

So here are my comics for this weeks class: they have their dominant ‘relational art’ aspect written at the bottom, which is were most good things are in life:



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September 17, 2016 / TheBosoms

Comics class: art in relationship

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Comics class week #4
Comics class week #5

Me and my Bosoms have been apart for over six years now. And I’ve had my ups and downs in art, with some occasional exhibitions, some publications and I attended a legendary queer comics conference in New York, but I’ve had very little continuity in the course of things.
Luck has had it I stumbled upon an online academic course on comics. For some reason I decided to apply for it and I’m finally starting to really enjoy drawing again. I have zero discipline so the fact I’m actually paying premium for this is stimulating me to DO it. And I am learning! I had no conscious idea about stuff like time-and-space, text-to-image and panel-to-panel relations. I think I’ll be posting some of my coursework on this blog, so you’ll have something to enjoy.

This course is an initiative by Read more…

August 26, 2016 / TheBosoms

Pokémon is trans as f*ck


My theory is that Pokémon is super transgender. More specifically trans male. Every so called ‘evolution’ (they mean ‘transition’) leads to a more buff, bigger and stronger Pokémon, never to a more refined or feminine one (why is that? Why won’t pokémon evolve into a more female one? Is the feminine weaker…? Surely not!).
So here’s my interpretation of what would happen if transmen’s breasts would evolve according to the Pokémon principle: Read more…

August 11, 2016 / TheBosoms

Binary worries

Okay, so I’ve changed genders a couple of years ago, on the outside. People started calling me ‘he’ without me even asking for it. I’m still genderqueer (or more specific: genderneutrois) even though I changed my body. I’ve been playing the male role in society successful enough to be able to survive but many social must-do’s are still very much up in the air for me. I am supposed to act like a leader, but i don’t want to. I’m supposed to now start approaching people I wish to date, but I don’t want to. I’m supposed to show off my skills and act all confident, but I don’t want to. I don’t want to play this game.

I’m mostly pondering, so here’s a little sketch of one simple aspect of my life that could turn into an entire book, if I ever get the getting-things-done attitude:


When I was a girl I didn’t need to do anything – partners would come to me – and I broke up with them.
Now that is no longer the case; mostly I’ve become invisible, very few people want me. And if they do, they soon break up with me.

April 8, 2016 / TheBosoms

Autism Weak

This week is Autism Awareness Week, which has left me to ponder wether I should feel in anyway connected to my own (recently diagnosed) autism. It’s not really an identity for me – my genderqueernesss is far more important to me, but I have been under ‘surveillance’ for being on the spectrum so to speak. This new diagnostic label has plunged me into a world of cheap labour and silent workers that don’t have the ability to complain.
Hiring someone with autism is a rather attractive feat here in the Netherlands, your company might even get a government bonus for it! Not the worker though.

All that’s left for me now is to make a comic/commercial about it (English translation underneath). Enjoy:


“Lost anything?
Ask an autistic* dude!
THE ultimate search specialist!
Our autistic dude is infallible and cheap!”
“My keys!”
“Lost a government classified file?
Our autistic dude is quicker than the research journalist!”

* politically incorrect phrasing on purpose.

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