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Qtopia presentation

Today is a big day for me. I’m having a solo art exhibit for the first time in over twenty years of art making. Times, and my own relationship towards time, have changed.

I am no longer young. Even though I’m not old. I am now no longer interesting just for being transgender. Even though transness is still seen as something exotic. These times are more conservative and less sexpositive and less prone to emancipate minorities in collective society, while at the same time social media is more sexualized than ever and has selfies seeking attention from this same global social collective. I feel less visible as an artist, even though instagram art and etsy shops are accessible everywhere.

This saturday at 13:00 I hope you will all join me in support of my talk in Nijmegen, my exhibit is still up until the end of the month.

UPDATE: the exhibit will be up longer: until november 14th!: Continue reading “Qtopia presentation”


Expo Jiro Ghianni retrospective: video art, comics and new photography

My best trans/gender/queer animated film works from the years 1998-2005 will be shown during the Qtopia Queer Arts Festival in Nijmegen. It is my first solo exhibit ever so this is major!
Additionally almost 200 episodes of my “Bosoms” transman comics will be exhibited and… brand new uncensored photographic pieces, under the title “New hair in strange places“.
My photographic work is very, VERY explicit.
On October 13th I will talk about the ‘new prudishness’ of the institutionalised times we are living in; and why I made these hard core nudes. It’s a dramatic story of intrigue, censorship, art-money and disconnected communication.
Initially I made these photos with an idea of transitioning in mind; it’s mostly about how I felt it was a very alienating experience to suddenly get all this hair in unexpected spots all over my body. Some of my hair growth is ridiculous. And I find it interesting how my fellow trans people never talk about how disconnecting the whole transitioning actually is: you get further away from your body before getting closer. But since the public response has been quite strong against my nakedness, it eventually became an art piece about how we never see different types of bodies in depictions of powerful beauty.

The Qtopia festival is opening september 30th and will end October 14th, but all of my own work will be up until October 31st 2018.

UPDATE: the exhibit will be up longer: until november 14th!


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Bosoms Zines deluxe @BAUT XXX Stripclub

I really need money.
So please buy my new zine!

Come and drop by at this incredibly fun (and still slightly professional) event in Amsterdam: the XXX comic Stripclub, where a huge range of Amsterdam comic artists will perform and present and you can touch actual real books!

Perhaps one day i will also have a real book out, like a real adult:

Facebook event:

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Exhibit: Pakjekunst september 21-22-23

Everything is happening all at once: this month I will be exhibiting my work in THREE art shows.
First one that is coming up will be ‘Pakjekunst‘ – inspired by the German ‘Kunstautomate’. In this nationwide project a whole bunch of cigarette machines will be spread around the country and filled with tiny boxes of real art, no bigger than the size of a cigarette pack.
I will be exhibiting 20 completely new pieces: abstract experimental comic books. This brings me back to how I started out in art originally, as an abstract painter. Each book contains hand-painted and hand-drawn abstract stories of 8 pages each, where a shape starts out as a complete whole, then gets into a formal crisis and eventually explodes and disappears. Because Life is entropy. For only 4 euros you can buy yourself a pack with real art! Pull that vending machine handle!
All booklets have a title with the word ‘Pain’ in it. So there is “Triangle pain”, “Square pain”, “Circle pain”, “Shape pain”, “Line pain”, “Gender pain”, “Sex pain”, “Wonder pain”, “Virtual pain” and “Wisdom pain”.
All of the works are signed with my name Jiro Ghianni and an autograph.

Kunstuitleen site and info 
Facebook page for Rotterdam artists is here.
Opening event in Rotterdam 21-22-23 september.

Here are some excerpts from six of the booklets: Continue reading “Exhibit: Pakjekunst september 21-22-23”

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Love Letter Drawing: “I admire your spit”

Not a cartoon this time, but a drawing: it’s some kind of love letter. Showing the only way I know how to love: weirdly.
(Scroll down for the full illustration text).

Other news: I will be exhibiting completely new work soon: photography! Never done that before. My work is part of the Qtopia Festival which will be opening on september 29th in Nijmegen.
It will show a retrospective of my video art, my comics and new explicit photography of my transmale nudes in a photo series called “New Hair in Strange Places”.

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#273 Needs more mental

Big news today: In the new International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11), transgender is no longer considered a mental disorder. In the words of the World Health Organisation: “…[transgender] is classified under sexual health conditions. This should reduce stigma and improve care.” *
A very big deal.
I am one of those trans people who thinks (knows) being trans is not a disease, nor is it something I wish I wasn’t born with. It’s just diversity of the human form, that’s all. It certainly gave me the incredible opportunity to live two completely full lives from dramatically different perspectives.
I know being trans is not the same as being gay, since being gay doesn’t mean you need to get some form of medical treatment in order to “reach the gayness” which is often very different for transgender and otherly gendered people who might be in need of bodymodification.
Well, I say: hurrah, bring out the alcoholic beverages, so we can get Parkinson’s and get a chance to get classified as drunk into a whole other section of the ICD!

* The WHO has just announced the beginning of a new phase, focused on implementation and assessment at country level, presented for final approval at the WHO Assembly in May 2019.

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Drawing the times: Sex & Gender issue

Drawing the Times is a platform where committed graphic journalists and cartoonists worldwide publish works that inform, entertain, engage and challenge readers on global issues and local stories. Four times a year Drawing the Times does a Special on a specific topic, like Climate Change and Human Rights. This march 2018 it’s all about “Sex & gender”. They published my work about sexual harassment, documenting my own personal experiences with how harassment is performed within differently ‘gendered’ spaces throughout the plethora of my sexual endeavours.
My fellow former Zsa Zsa Zine colleague Maia Matches is also in the same Special. She’s such an awesome and untouchable talent!
Other former members of Zsa Zsa Zine that have been published on Drawing the Times before are Mas Hab and B. Carrot.

View more here:


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#244 Sketching for the kids

This is a post from 2015 that never got published. Mostly due to my depression than ran all the way through in 2016 (not a good year for any of us). But here it is:

Everybody who knows me, knows that I love kids, if they are over the age of 21… I usually avoid any human being born before the year 1995 however I was super stoked about having received a commission from Rutgers WPF/Sense and the top gay youth magazine of the Netherlands: ExpresZo.
In their april/may 2013 issue they had an extra insert called ‘Trans&Zo’, focusing on trans people – including a short interview with me and also a full page cartoon, guest starring the bosoms! It was distributed widely all over the Netherlands.

The assignment was thus: “Help, we suddenly need a full page illustration within one week. The subject should be something about the LGBT coalition in a playful and funny way. Why are we talking about LGBT? What do LGB and T have to do with each other? What do they have in common and what not? Which prejudices are there about LGB towards T? In which are they the same and where do they overlap? Do LGB’s overlap amongst each other and perhaps also with T? The idea is that your cartoon should make readers (both LHB and T) stop and think.Continue reading “#244 Sketching for the kids”

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The domestic art of Halloween

It’s been more than a year since I did a comic. Offline I have announced I officially quit being an artist. After trying for 19 years it’s just not worth it anymore.
So now what?
Not-being-an-artist doesn’t quite yet have that true identity ring to me, but I’m slowly creeping towards a resolve. I think my main art is ‘being domestic‘ right now.
Like: this Halloween I went dressed as a ‘home for the elderly’, because that’s the scariest thing I can think of. I painted varicose veins on my arms. And I baked cookies for friends: such as bleeding unicorn corpses (uni-corpses?) and fist-fucking-hands cookies. This is normal to me. Continue reading “The domestic art of Halloween”

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Comics class: art in relationship

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– Comics class week #1 (this post)
Comics class week #2
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Comics class week #5

Me and my Bosoms have been apart for over six years now. And I’ve had my ups and downs in art, with some occasional exhibitions, some publications and I attended a legendary queer comics conference in New York, but I’ve had very little continuity in the course of things.
Luck has had it I stumbled upon an online academic course on comics. For some reason I decided to apply for it and I’m finally starting to really enjoy drawing again. I have zero discipline so the fact I’m actually paying premium for this is stimulating me to DO it. And I am learning! I had no conscious idea about stuff like time-and-space, text-to-image and panel-to-panel relations. I think I’ll be posting some of my coursework on this blog, so you’ll have something to enjoy.

This course is an initiative by Continue reading “Comics class: art in relationship”

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New drawings resolutions

Happy 2016 to all you Bosoms’ fans out there! Jiro’s new years resolutions are:
– draw more often
– draw less Bosoms
– develop an actual style by trying to draw less realistically and more ‘lumpy’ or wobbly
– draw better perspective, anatomy, crosshatching, composition… Meaning: draw more realistically.
I see a paradox here.

PS addition to the posted drawing below:
“Our new electric car comes with 1000 rechargeable AA batteries”
You must use the brand-name batteries that come with the car. No generics. When they’re depleted, you have to buy a new car of course.