EXPO: Jiro’s trans/gender/queer illustrations

(Scroll down for English)

Deze zondag opent mijn nieuwe bescheiden expositie.
Minder dan een maand na mijn eerste solo tentoonstelling in Nijmegen, nu met geheel ander, iets minder seksueel expliciet werk.

Attentie: het werk is niet geschikt voor mensen met fragiele masculiniteit!
Kom het patriarchaat verpletteren in een relaxte setting; de vroege bezoeker krijgt gratis prosecco bij de opening deze zondag 2 december, vernissage om 18:00h.
De expo-muren zijn in veganistisch restaurant De Peper, toegankelijk via de hoofdingang achter de poort, dan door de twee buitendeuren de gang en daar dan de eerste linkerdeur.

Facebook event hier.

Adres: Overtoom 301, Amsterdam.

Opening hours
Tuesdays 18:00-01:00
Thursdays 18:00-01:00
Fridays 18:00-03:00
Sundays 18:00-01:00
please call after 15:00 h. on the day you want to eat dinner, to make a reservation:
General Information: www.depeper.org

My new exhibit is opening this Sunday. Warning: my work can not be viewed by people with fragile masculinity!
Come and smash the patriarchy in a relaxed setting.
Free prosecco if you come early!
At: De Peper, Overtoom 301 – left door in the hallway.

“…Jiro Ghianni will be exhibiting comics as well as illustrations, that cannot be viewed by people with fragile masculinity.
Once a multi-media visual artist at the Willem de Kooning Academy and Massachusetts College of Art Boston, Jiro has been a prominent transgender activist and artist since the 90’s of last century. He was part of the feminist Zsa Zsa Zine collective, presented at the legendary Queers and Comics conference in New York and is now best known as the maker of “The Bosoms”: quaint transman comics about his breasts escaping the hospital. In De Peper all pieces are available for sale.
More of his queer art can be seen for free at instagram @thebosoms …”


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