Qtopia presentation

Today is a big day for me. I’m having a solo art exhibit for the first time in over twenty years of art making. Times, and my own relationship towards time, have changed.

I am no longer young. Even though I’m not old. I am now no longer interesting just for being transgender. Even though transness is still seen as something exotic. These times are more conservative and less sexpositive and less prone to emancipate minorities in collective society, while at the same time social media is more sexualized than ever and has selfies seeking attention from this same global social collective. I feel less visible as an artist, even though instagram art and etsy shops are accessible everywhere.

This saturday at 13:00 I hope you will all join me in support of my talk in Nijmegen, my exhibit is still up until the end of the month.

UPDATE: the exhibit will be up longer: until november 14th!:


With this exhibit I’ve created my own retrospective – because no one else did. I’m actually quite proud to see I’ve made over 45 minutes of animation in the past twenty years and my new work looks quite powerful. Yes, I’m proud.

But I’m also afraid my work is not coherent. I’m all over the place: I did nerdy experimental robot art, abstract pretentious videos, cute animations, hyperrealistic drawing and low-culture funny comics; this is probably why I will never have a career in art; I’m not recognisable.
At age 43 I feel like I failed right after finishing artschool.
But maybe it’s not so bad: in december 2018 I’m having another exhibit: in Overtoom 301, Amsterdam. Would love to see you all there,

the artist and transactivist proudly presents new work.


A picture from the presentation itself:


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