Expo Jiro Ghianni retrospective: video art, comics and new photography

My best trans/gender/queer animated film works from the years 1998-2005 will be shown during the Qtopia Queer Arts Festival in Nijmegen. It is my first solo exhibit ever so this is major!
Additionally almost 200 episodes of my “Bosoms” transman comics will be exhibited and… brand new uncensored photographic pieces, under the title “New hair in strange places“.
My photographic work is very, VERY explicit.
On October 13th I will talk about the ‘new prudishness’ of the institutionalised times we are living in; and why I made these hard core nudes. It’s a dramatic story of intrigue, censorship, art-money and disconnected communication.
Initially I made these photos with an idea of transitioning in mind; it’s mostly about how I felt it was a very alienating experience to suddenly get all this hair in unexpected spots all over my body. Some of my hair growth is ridiculous. And I find it interesting how my fellow trans people never talk about how disconnecting the whole transitioning actually is: you get further away from your body before getting closer. But since the public response has been quite strong against my nakedness, it eventually became an art piece about how we never see different types of bodies in depictions of powerful beauty.

The Qtopia festival is opening september 30th and will end October 14th, but all of my own work will be up until October 31st 2018.

UPDATE: the exhibit will be up longer: until november 14th!




What is queer (art) and which painful ideas exist about this in our society? What does it mean when funds and cultural institutions are working on inclusivity? Why does it often seem that “diversity” merely functions as check-box for a good image and not a dedication to the (uncomfortable) acknowledgement of oppressive power structures, respectful encounters and radical justice? Artist Jiro Ghianni and artistic researcher Luca Soudant will have a conversation about institutionalised censorship of expressions that are related to queerness or queer being/lives. Also, they will delve deeper into Ghianni’s work, his artistic process and how the exhibited works during Qtopia came into being. “

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