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The domestic art of Halloween

It’s been more than a year since I did a comic. Offline I have announced I officially quit being an artist. After trying for 19 years it’s just not worth it anymore.
So now what?
Not-being-an-artist doesn’t quite yet have that true identity ring to me, but I’m slowly creeping towards a resolve. I think my main art is ‘being domestic‘ right now.
Like: this Halloween I went dressed as a ‘home for the elderly’, because that’s the scariest thing I can think of. I painted varicose veins on my arms. And I baked cookies for friends: such as bleeding unicorn corpses (uni-corpses?) and fist-fucking-hands cookies. This is normal to me.

I am not an artist anymore, I think. I’m in a creative rut, and trying to make a future life for myself as a web developer. Should I just repost more stuff from my unpublished Bosoms archive? They’re getting old too. Let’s celebrate those wrinkles and deteriorating body parts. Hurrah.

I like my wrinkles. Perhaps should be looking forward to old age.

The result: me in my Home-for-the-elderly REALNESS.
Yass old queen!

  1. This little old lady is too afraid to go out on the street but she doesn’t want to stay inside either; there’s just no end to her suffering.
  2. A coffin, ready to go.
  3. Sleeping really is the best joy for you right now.
  4. Elderly man cannot reach the Help button.
  5. Lady who’s dirty undies don’t get changed enough because the house is understaffed.
  6. She won’t be up to much any more.

    1. She’s happy to leave it all behind.
    2. An older gay man who has to go back into the closet again because in his old age he’s meeting his old bullies in the home. There is a photo of him and his late husband on the mantle piece, which he has to cover up whenever someone comes in.
    3. Crazy cat lady’s last cat has died.
    4. A sheet; it’s last use.
    5. Not a happy anniversary. This man doesn’t want to be 100 years old, he’s softly whispering to himself “kill me” because nobody listens.
    6. Who’s combing her hair? Nobody, that’s who.

Dead unicorn corpses that bleed rainbows from their anus
+ fist-fucking-hands cookies with blood on the nails.
Of course.


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