The new order

So from now on it’s not ‘just‘ women, LGBTQ people and other minorities who will get bullied, but the entire world.
Let’s see how they handle that.

I am of course talking about Trump. I can’t believe he’s receiving official congratulations from world leaders, without any nuance. Diplomacy was always a way to prevent the worst, but now, being diplomatic and polite about this particularly impolite winner of the US elections means they’re condoning rape and racism. By allowing some form of diplomatic invulnerability for this president-elect, international politicians are silently complicit in giving this character license to continue his damage. A line has been crossed, the final one.
Do you ever wonder: what would I have done if I had been occupied by the Nazi’s? Would I be in the resistance? This is one of those moments, for world leaders now. If this isn’t bad enough to speak up, what is? It’s time, to step out of this tactic masquerade and fight.

Imagine world-leaders shaking hands with this disgusting new president, smiling with pain. Not daring to speak up. Now they will know what it feels like, when you just know something is wrong, but you don’t have the power to address it. I cannot help but draw parallels between their submission and the kind of silence that sexually assaulted women are forced into.

rpToday I can’t yet draw a new comic and I don’t think the world needs another disappointed European such as myself, so here is a drawing of one of my freakiest characters ever (besides the bosoms): the radish-puppy, from my Planet Espresso adventure. Yes, that was one of my most dystopian stories that I still have plans on making more episodes of.
I’m sure the new world order will inspire me much.


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