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What if… cis men would have…

Here’s a comic I made a few minutes ago, as a sort of inbetween-procrastination-thing. What if cis men would have vaginas? I think their expressions would be different than those of transmen, because cis men never lived life as a woman before. Of course this is a very tricky statement, but bare with me:


Don’t you think this might be accurate? Gags like these have been made before; along the lines of “if men could menstruate they would brag about it” – but I just had to make this one, because in my new job I am ONLY working amongst men, and it makes me feel like a weird ‘under cover’ genderqueer secret agent.

“What if…” is a core question that I’ve made a quaint comic series of before, but differently.
And about my procrastination: I only have a couple of hours left to finish 3 full comic pages for my graphic novel class, and I haven’t even started them, but hopefully I’ll upload all of them within a day. I’m slow, I’ve caught a cold, possibly because I was chasing Pokémon again. I hope that, when I die one day, and I will see my life flash before my eyes, it won’t just contain a lot of sneezing…


One thought on “What if… cis men would have…

  1. I thought your last sentense would end: “I hope that, when I die one day, and I will see my life flash before my eyes, it will only be Pokemons.” 🙂
    Nice ‘man’vibrator you invented. It would be ‘parked’ in a second garage attached to the house. And show-offs would stall it in front of the house and scrub it with wax every day XX

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