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Compressing and decompressing time

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Time… I found this to be the hardest assignment for my comics class so far… This is typically something I just do intuitively, but this week we had to draw 3 different time-sets in pre-existing templates: one second, one hour, one day.
I had quite the lack of inspiration so this time I don’t have any of my usual smart gags. I’m however quite happy with the way the drawings turned out and I really needed to make a comic about my traffic accident, which was long overdue. I got hit by a motorscooter 2 years ago while cycling; I finally had knee surgery a couple of weeks ago and I’m still recovering. I haven’t been able to kneel all this time, which is quite problematic if you’re living a queer sexual lifestyle…

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The hardest thing about this is to really make it feel like the amount of time, that you’re aiming to express, has roughly passed in these panels; I am not really sure I managed… I needed text and the position of the sun to convey 1 hour and 1 day. Must make mental note of the fact that wordless panels feel like they span a much longer timeframe than text panel.

I chose this particular situation because I remember the accident quite vividly and how weird it felt it took less than a second for me to get hit, and to make loop-the-loops in the air, yet all the time while I was thinking: “Am I having an accident? Me? These kinds of things never happen to me! I am enraged!!” So time really felt stretched, like I was flying through the air for a whole 15 minutes before I finally ended up on the sidewalk with my knee.
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I still think that when I draw something from the top of my head, it looks much, much better, but damn… I can’t draw bikes or motorcycles! So I HAVE to use google images as a basis. Perhaps if I would draw more often I might be able to draw from the heart more easily and I’ll finally be able to develop my own style, but I lack discipline.
I was having such trouble mentally this week about the fact that I cannot draw stuff from my mind, UNTIL I saw this video with my big hero Alison Bechdel… She does it too!


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Comics class week #1
Comics class week #2
Comics class week #3
Comics class week #4
Comics class week #5




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