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September 17, 2016 / TheBosoms

Comics class: art in relationship

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Me and my Bosoms have been apart for over six years now. And I’ve had my ups and downs in art, with some occasional exhibitions, some publications and I attended a legendary queer comics conference in New York, but I’ve had very little continuity in the course of things.
Luck has had it I stumbled upon an online academic course on comics. For some reason I decided to apply for it and I’m finally starting to really enjoy drawing again. I have zero discipline so the fact I’m actually paying premium for this is stimulating me to DO it. And I am learning! I had no conscious idea about stuff like time-and-space, text-to-image and panel-to-panel relations. I think I’ll be posting some of my coursework on this blog, so you’ll have something to enjoy.

This course is an initiative by the California College of the Arts where the teacher (who happens to look like he is a totally *hot* gay bear dude, he isn’t gay though, but I don’t care) has helped expand the college’s graphic novel curriculum and now chairs CCA’s MFA in Comics Program. One point to be aware of though: the online learning environmental disaster that is Kadenze is a terrible, terrible digital experience. The forums are a mess + uploading of coursework is tedious and comes with a creepy face recognition webapp that keeps on blurting errors. Ugh!

Anyway, here is the first comic we had to make: a 2 page comic about ‘yourself’, with an extra challenge: one silent panel. Which I found to be quite difficult. I’m already learning I need to deepen my knowledge of symbolism and son-sequiturs.

My drawing style really is not as good as it used to be, I know. But I’m mostly taking this studies to learn about pacing and narrative, because: yes I still have that dream of one day making a literary graphic novel.
We’ll see.
On another note: this week I started a new job, as a front-end web developer, which is totally super new to me. I hope to one day earn some money…
We’ll see.


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Comics class week #1
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  1. H. Lloyd Burghart / Sep 17 2016 21:41

    I rate it a 5 because it is so personal and so much better than I could do. I know; I’ve tried. I can picture in mind the cartoon I would like to draw, but alas I have no talent. You do. For example, A student I had in school once wrote: “The Indians of the Amazon used to hunt with pee shooters.” I can picture said Indian with his backside toward clothed only in his loin cloth and a stream of water arching from him upward toward his prey high above him in the branches above. I am amused by the image, but I can’t for the life of me draw it. Keep up the good work!


    • TheBosoms / Sep 18 2016 13:25

      Hey Honeyelle, thank you so much for your comment! How did you find my blog? – And: all drawing has to start somewhere, it won’t be good in the beginning, not even with the most talented artist ever.

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