#271 Pokémon is trans as f*ck


My theory is that Pokémon is super transgender. More specifically trans male. Every so called ‘evolution’ (they mean ‘transition’) leads to a more buff, bigger and stronger Pokémon, never to a more refined or feminine one (why is that? Why won’t pokémon evolve into a more female one? Is the feminine weaker…? Surely not!).
So here’s my interpretation of what would happen if transmen’s breasts would evolve according to the Pokémon principle:



And of course my comic characters the Bosoms have their own interpretion of the whole thing, which should leave us to ponder wether marketing towards transgender people is profitable:



By the way: Machop MUST be a transman! Look at his queer hairstyle, how he’s sporting his muscles, and he’s even got chest-surgery scars!

UPDATE: My bosoms are a fairy type pokemon and they shoot poison from their nipples as a special attack. Fairy Nipples are strong against Dark, Dragon, and Fighting types, but are weak against Fire, Poison and Steel. I’m assuming electricity probably turns them on.







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