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April 8, 2016 / TheBosoms

Autism Weak

This week is Autism Awareness Week, which has left me to ponder wether I should feel in anyway connected to my own (recently diagnosed) autism. It’s not really an identity for me – my genderqueernesss is far more important to me, but I have been under ‘surveillance’ for being on the spectrum so to speak. This new diagnostic label has plunged me into a world of cheap labour and silent workers that don’t have the ability to complain.
Hiring someone with autism is a rather attractive feat here in the Netherlands, your company might even get a government bonus for it! Not the worker though.

All that’s left for me now is to make a comic/commercial about it (English translation underneath). Enjoy:


“Lost anything?
Ask an autistic* dude!
THE ultimate search specialist!
Our autistic dude is infallible and cheap!”
“My keys!”
“Lost a government classified file?
Our autistic dude is quicker than the research journalist!”

* politically incorrect phrasing on purpose.


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