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December 7, 2015 / TheBosoms

Fierce wisdom

Here is a cartoon I just made when pondering about modern times. I hope you can read my writing.
I’m wondering why the noble eightfold path doesn’t include something like ‘gaining experience in sex both for yourself as well as for others’ so that’s why I added kinky sex as one path to wisdom.
And the general ‘right action’ of fierce queerness of course… involves vogue, color-coordinating and pride walks.



I know, I know, some real Buddhists (which I am not, I just meditate) will say that these are not new concepts. Being skillful is already contained within the concept of mindfulness or ‘right effort’, being fierce is merely another form of self-worth and ‘right fame’ is probably a new form of ‘right speech’ – but I have to disagree. Or else there’d be nothing to make a cartoon about.

All I can say is:



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  1. bearhandscustomtours / Dec 7 2015 17:02

    Not buddhist and a lousy meditator, but I like this post. I think I can apply the latest three paths pretty well. Thanks!

    • TheBosoms / Dec 13 2015 12:48

      Yay, thank you Bear! I appreciate you’re not in Big Brother either 😀

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