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August 8, 2015 / TheBosoms

Comix from life

So… After more than fifteen years of creating ‘original content’ (or something closely resembling such a thing) I’ve come to the conclusion I really need to draw from life again. Drawing objects and people just from the way they actually look – instead of drawing what you know, feels like the only solution to my problem where I’m finding that there is something in my head, a quaint idea, that is simply impossible for me to put on paper. I’m a heavy Google-image-search user, but my hands need practicing.
Also: I’m slowly tryin to move away from the queer scene and from politically extreme squatters, which leaves me pondering on where to go. These scenes are important, and they must exist in order to reach progress, they’re just not for me anymore. So I’ve decided I need to join some urban sketch groups, not sure yet how that will turn out and if those groups are going to make me feel totally intimidated professionally and/or socially inept. More about that in future…
Today was a good day, with lots of drawing at the new Zsa Zsa Zine location – it looks like a squat but it isn’t and it may be the only solution to the disappearance of ‘free zones’ because it was bought by an activist collective.
I drew a feminist chair, a gag about parasites, some random trolls and a ‘potloodventer’. If you want to know what that means I wonder if Google can help you. I hereby declare I am not responsible for any confusion.





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