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May 21, 2015 / TheBosoms

#262 Art History

Here’s a comic about my latest ponderings while I’m still jet-lagged (since the Queers & Comics conference I feel I should be doing something important with my work…):




At the conference I met many fun and/or interesting cartoonists, and with some of them I spoke on how damaging it has been to us to have attended art school; that really takes the joy out of drawing. I wouldn’t recommend this to any artist, although of course it did teach me a lot about other people’s work and made me worry about quality, but I’m not so sure if the latter is something I wasn’t keeping in mind already anyway.
The conference made me realize I am… a European artist with a European sense of humor, I never noticed this before. My comics do not have the USA superhero thing as a basis. I am mainly influenced by Asterix, Franquin, Marten Toonder, Sigmund, Tin Tin (of course!) and Achille Talon, while devouring EPPO as a kid. And ofcourse I watched a ton of animations such as Signor Rossi, Calimero, Barbapapa (!) and my favorite La Linea. Those are all European. As an adult I am looking at the USA much, much more, specifically at Oglaf and Erika Moen. The format of my Bosoms comics seem very closely related to Fokke en Sukke although I created them independently, its similarity is something I noticed only later on.

I have been wanting to quit making the Bosoms comic strips for a while now, but I still have many ideas for them, and as long as I have ideas, I guess I will continue. Also: I’ve noticed Americans really like these two quirky bleeding transgender characters. It’s like South Park meets Winnie Winkle, but with body parts. Hm… That’s a good quote, must re-use that some time.

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