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April 19, 2015 / TheBosoms

Kickstart Jiro (to New York)


I will have my 40th birthday on may 5th, and I don’t want any presents..! All I want is for you to donate and help me and other low-income queer comic makers.
The day of my birthday is also the day I will be taking a plane to New York, for this HISTORIC, first ever queer comic conference. I’ve already bought the ticket, but it is way over my budget so I really, really need a bit of support to be able to survive. And I am not the only one: there are more people trying to attend the conference to show us their talent but their wallets won’t let them.
So if there is only ONE crowdfunding thing you’ll support this year, make it this one: please HELP these precarious queer artists reach NYC!
Every dollar helps; deadline may 5th. Send to anyone you know.

Here is the link to the crowdfunding page:

“We are raising funds for a small, diverse, dedicated, international group of queer cartoonists to travel to attend the Queers & Comics LGBT Cartoonists’ Conference: May 7-8, 2015 at the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies (CLAGS), NYC.
You can donate any cash amount and just leave it at that. OR you can choose from any of the wide array of perks”

What does donating say about your personality? Find out here!

  • People who did not donate tend to be low on energy. They don’t get their kicks on skydiving or rock climbing. They seem friendly, but are less assertive than the average person, and conventional. Watching sports makes them less evil than usual. They tend to place a lot of importance on family security, salvation, and tranquility. When they’re not listening to country music, watching television, or reading a recipe, they probably enjoy criticizing a dramatic movie or classic film.
  • People who did donate tend to be extraverted, relaxed, romantic, creative, and physically attractive. Friendships, freedom, and social recognition provide their lives with meaning and guidance. For a good party, these folks are the ones to call. They are sociable, forgiving, happy, reliable, and athletic, are open to new experiences, creative, intellectual, and enjoy trying new things. When it comes to politics, they tend to lean toward the liberal side. Wisdom, diversity, and fine arts are all important to them. After a hard day of work, if they’re not reading a book, they enjoy documentary films or foreign food.

    There is only one week left now, and 25% of the goal has been reached, so we need more.
    After may 5th you can still donate to my own bankaccount “De GIRO van JIRO”
    IBAN: NL75INGB0006312109
    under “Queers & Comics” to the name of J.Ghianni in Amsterdam.

    And here is a bit of a preview of some stuff I will be presenting during the conference itself (new work!):

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