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February 6, 2015 / TheBosoms

I had a (strange) dream

This morning I woke up from the strangest dream: I dreamt I got famous from making cartoons about transmale guinea pigs.

The comics in my dream looked really cute, goofy and smooth, a bit like the Oatmeal. So today I was trying to recreate those piggies from my dream.
I have not succeeded yet.
And… What the hell am I supposed to make them say? What will the comic be about?
In my dream it all made sense: the guinea pigs were transmen and were having all sorts of ‘transanimal’ experiences. Also: they looked really dumb.
Now I’m trying to think of how to make my cartoon pigs look like they’re cross-eyed, drawing them on my computer, while I’m painstakingly pondering on how to exaggerate their bodies with more caricature-like features. This is what I pencilled so far:


But… Stop. What? Am I really starting a new series about transgender cavies?? Ehm, no. Maybe not. I’m already the creator of a very obvious-jokes series, no need to make another one.
The funny thing is: I do have guinea pigs myself,
and I even made a photocomic about them once:

gay guinea pigs

But as you can see, that was an entirely different narrative.
What am I doing? I’m talking about guinea pigs, on my otherwise more political blog.
In the Schwules Museum in Berlin I was actually quite happy to come across a large room full of guinea pig genitalia, part of the ‘Homotrans’ exhibition.
My guineas are male and I have to admit I find their genitalia resemble that of my own quite a lot.
In conclusion: male guinea pigs have transmale genitalia.
Sorry for this.
Better art coming up soon.


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