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January 8, 2015 / TheBosoms

Je suis Charlie

I am continuously shocked by the misery of the world, but today more than ever. I don’t like the “Je suis Charlie” campaign because we are NOT Charlie. We did not die ourselves, so don’t flaunt martyrdom. This whole #Iam hashtag hype seems a new form of selfie-making.
Additionally I feel that massive displays of mourning are highly inappropriate. I feel like the only appropriate thing I can personally do is draw.
So I created a cartoon thinking: if you are a cartoonist and you wish to express yourself freely, try to get a job at Charlie Hebdo ***now***
I am assuming this is now the safest place in the world to work for us, which may not quite have been the terrorists’ goal. So there ya go.


Cartoons I made in the past about religion


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