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October 9, 2014 / TheBosoms

Big in Helsinki

helsinginOh I totally forgot to mention my zines were present in Helsinki, the beginning of september. They have a comic fest there, with a really difficult Finnish name: “Helsingin sarjakuvafestivaalit.” Ehm… allright…
Some of my Bosoms zines were sold (people were genuinely ecstatic about, them I’ve been told!), and also the one of the Qualiens. Unfortunately I couldn’t be there myself, but my fellow Zsa Zsa Zinesters told me it was a wonderful experience; it’s the largest comics event in northern Europe, and we now have the plan to go again next year with the entire collective.

Another event that just happened – on october 4th – was the Amsterdam Zine Jam, organized each year by ReKult. It was way past the deadline but I decided to send them my Bosoms zine, the Qualiens and the Defenitions zine anyway. A good decision. The ReKult people were overwhelmed with excitement and said they thought my Bosoms zine was their absolute favorite, amongst all of the 70 zines they received worldwide! I guess it’s because my zine has a true personal background story while most of the zines they got were all very artsy fartsy magazines with vague photography and color compositions without any dialogue. I am glad I no longer make the pretentious shit I used to make when I was in artschool…
They interviewed me shortly in Felix Meritus so I guess that video footage will appear somewhere, I have no idea where, and my statement will also appear in their catalogue:

I am a transman and I make totally random weird gender-non-conforming comics. My kind of story does not get exposure in the mainstream, certainly not in the Netherlands, so: I’ll have to tell my story myself. Also my rather strange sense of humor needs to take over the rest of the world.
While I was recovering from chest-surgery I started making comics non-stop. ‘The Bosoms’ is my most popular series (about how my breasts escaped from hospital and are now living a life on their own) but I also make autobiographical comics about growing up as a girl and my new perspective while living as a guy.


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