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September 15, 2014 / TheBosoms

My F-work

And here, for anyone who couldn’t make it to the F-Word exhibition, here is the work I showed there. All dealing with gender, mostly in my experience as a transman. The 1st red piece is a comic I made for the Lawaai squat magazine and deals with quite a lot of topics on only one page.
I feel it is important to always try to make something that goes against the status quo. One statement is “men cannot be feminist” which makes me wonder: what exactly do you mean by “men”..? I have the feeling that, as a transman, I get a ‘gold card’ or some kind of ‘free entrance’ into feminist circles which certainly is not what I’m asking for. Not just because I do not ask for this heed but mainly because it implies they do not consider me a man… Which is pretty transphobic.
The last two green pages I made for the zine of last years’ Ladyfest. I was quite sure all the rants would be about straight white men. But I have had abuse from ALL genders and colours (yay), so I thought it would be vitally important to show diversity in that as well.
Scroll down for translations!

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We are the Bosoms
We used to be connected to someone
The surgeon cut us off…
…and also took away our nipples…
they were put back on our owner
so now we have a nipplehole
We’ve got a bit of leakage down there.
Yes, we are bosoms, but we are not ‘female’!
Now we’re off, to enjoy our freedom!



The Bosoms are happy about it.
-“This is the third time today we get asked which gender we are…”
-“For many transgender people that’s usually really annoying…”
-“But we are quite happy with it actually”
-“If those forms would not exist, we might just forget whether we are male or female…”
-“It’s so nice to get a reminder!”



Hey, I do read a newspaper from time to time…
(Newspaper: “Sexual assault, hetero, hetero, straight white man, straight white man, straight white man”)
And I really do listen to my friends
-“Straight white men, straight white men, straight white men.”
I know what’s like, I remember from when I was still a girl and I was approached in an annoying way by white straight men… from the very moment when my breasts started to grow.
(Man: “Can I help you? Can I help you? Can I help you?”)
I never had a relationship with a straight white man. I jumped immediately to, what I thought to be a higher level: bisexual men… and immediately into open relationships. I don’t know monogamy.
Yet even in poly relationships, strange things can happen.
-“If we don’t live together within 5 years, I’ll break up with you”
-“Isn’t that an itsy bitsy tiny little bit blackmailing?”
There are borders that can be crossed everywhere.
-“Well luckily I am not like other men… Wanna fuck?
-“But I don’t want to right now”
-“But I do”

As a bisexual woman I had the opportunity to escape into the lesbian scene
-“Uhm… Hello?”
Some of them behaved like straight white men…
-“What type do you go for?”
-“Oh come on, let’s just kiss, it doesn’t mean anything!”
Others behaved more like borderline personality types… and there were actually quite a lot of those…
-“Of course I say things that hurt you sometimes, but that’s YOUR interpretation.”
-“You’re an angel… (2 seconds later) I HATE YOU!!!”
Now that I live as a transman, I can finally ‘enjoy’ all the lessons in the gay male scene…
-“Oh come on, nobody uses condoms anymore..! HIV is not a problem man!”
-“But..? But… WHAT?”
I still have to get used to all the unwritten rules, but I guess we all just keep on learning for the rest of our lives.
-“Why do you act as if you don’t want me to grab your crotch? That’s normal here!
If you walk into this bar you’re basically asking for it, right?”


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