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July 27, 2014 / TheBosoms

#256 Polemicstrip

Only a few more hours and the exhibit ‘Queering Art’ in Nijmegen will be closing. In my opinion it was more ‘white gay/lesbian’ than ‘trans/gender/dyke/bi/queer/diverse’ but worth compiling anyway. Because something must be done. And it was great seeing historically vital lesbian photography in there.
Here is the work I made especially for the show, with my response to its non-trans-inclusive and slightly outdated perspective on binary genderplay. This is a first sketch version. Newsupdate: this drawing has been sold! So the original is no longer available. But I am working on a final and clean print-press graphic:

(Scroll down for English translation)


-All those ongoing debates…
-About the question whether transgender people belong to the Lesbian/Gay/Bi movement…

-Lesbian/gay/bi stuff deals with WHO looks pleasing to you…
-Which is something completely different than the issue whether you feel pleasant yourself.

-And actually gender is the common denominator here, since two men, when kissing each other, are viewed with disgust because of their gender appearance…
-So it’s not a repulsion due to the issue of whom they desire
-The viewer really couldn’t care less.

-As a matter of fact everybody is heterosexual…
-Because: if you are attracted to another person, you’re always attracted to a different sex than your own.

-Although, some people…
“Ohhhh, I love me…”


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