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June 21, 2014 / TheBosoms

#252 Formulieren

Here’s a hand drawn comic strip in Dutch (translation below) about the endless terror of forms. You know: the ones that ask what sex you are, even if you just want to buy a movie ticket and it cannot be expected men get different tickets than women… It’s another one I made for the Amsterdam Canal Pride magazine, but I decided not to use this and make another one instead. In my previous post you can see more sketches that I decided not to use. But the one that I am showing here today is one that I thought was good enough to actually finish, and do a bit of crayon experimentation with. This is the first time I’m not editing a comic in Photoshop. It shows, in the title text.
I’m doing another one in this style, but with a completely new gag of course, for an in-between project that has come up: the Queering Art exhibit in Nijmegen, july 26th and 27th. Go enjoy!

PS: I don’t know where the bosoms live, nor do I know how they operate that computer, since they don’t have any hands.


The Bosoms are happy about it.
-“This is the third time today we get asked about our gender…”
-“For many transgender people that’s usually really annoying…”
-“But we are quite happy with it actually”
-“If those forms would not exist, we might just forget whether we are male or female…”
-“Nice to get a reminder!”



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