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January 27, 2014 / TheBosoms


vetruviantransmanI’ve taken up the plan to make an up-to-date archive of all the zines in Zsa Zsa Zine library. But wow, there’s a lot more than I expected. It’s not a complete archivewitheverythingfromtheworld but it does have at least one issue from any of the trans/gender/queer zines that I can think of from the top of my mind. Like: the cunt coloring book (1974!) and Her Dick (from Rotterdam).
In the mean while… I am still working on my ‘Defenitions‘ zine to which I am adding 4 more pages, so it looks more like a genuine little dictionary.
The draft/sketch version can already be seen in the Zsa Zsa Zine archive but my final version will be much better, with better fonts, a bigger size and better styles. I really need to update the “Vitruvian Transman” drawing which, I found out, is not an original idea, since someone made a rather cool and superfabulous T-shirt with it!
Hm… Time for “The Transgender Code” as apposed to the Da Vinci Code.

This may remind you of the fake codex I created, inspired by the Voyniche manuscript.

I’m workin’ on it!
More soon.



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