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September 29, 2013 / TheBosoms

My zine’s in a book shop

Come, as fast as you can, to this window display featuring various zines at the American Book Center on the Spui, Amsterdam! Put together by ReKult Zine Collective. ZsaZsa Zine has included some locally made zines (like mine, mine, mine! My Qualiens zine to be more specific).
And ew, yikes: someone stuck an ugly price tag on my zine! Well, the good news is it costs only 70 cents. So come and buy it at the ABC as quick as you can because it will be gone by october 10th – after the Amsterdam Zine fest at Mediamatic ends but… you could also get another one of my Bosoms/Qualiens cartoonstrips at this years Amsterdam Ladyfest until october 6th. Ladyfest Amsterdam 2013 will be held in the Binnenpret (Eerste Schinkelstraat 14-16) on the weekend of 4-6 October. Think DIY workshops, lectures, films and of course lots of amazing music.
Hurry up.
I won’t be there because I will be in Berlin, doing my *LAST* performance before concentrating on my new studies as a webdeveloper – I’ve given up trying to make a living as a full time autonomous artist, so I’m going to be doing everything part time from now on. Everything. Except for sitting behind my computer and going nuts, this will be full time.
In order to prepare myself for total nuttyness I’ll be going on a short one day holiday at the very odd Tropical Islands dome, it’s a tropical island but… on land, south of Berlin.


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