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August 10, 2013 / TheBosoms

#246 No ban on Russia

Here’s what I think might be a solution to the major legislated homophobia and transphobia in Russia: do not boycott the 2014 Sochi olympics. Instead: let all transgender/bisexual/lesbian/gay/queer athletes be supervisible and fabulous and… let all heterosexual athletes do the same: massively ‘act’ gay.
Yes, you heard that right. EVERYONE flaunt your feathers by the hundreds, put on some of that rainbow ally lipstick, glitter up your spandex butt in support of your LGBTQ sports colleagues, write in Russian “I support sexual and gender freedom” on your javelin or spell it out in synchronized swimming.
Do you honestly think the Russian government would arrest ALL of you? Surely not.
And if so: I have another solution, as you can see in my cartoon. If you, as LGBTQ athletes or as straight-allies end up in prison, at least this will give you the opportunity to go and talk to the Russian queers who are already in there and let them know they are not alone. You could even engage in other pleasant practical activities that may kill the time.
I’ve never quite believed in the effectiveness of boycotting, something else must be done, something that cannot be ignored.

ALL participating athletes MUST ACT QUEER

ALL participating athletes MUST ACT QUEER.


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