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June 7, 2013 / TheBosoms

Seriously DIEP pop-up university

Jiro004ttDIEP festival is dedicated to masculinity in all his/her/its facets. During the 70ies feminism was at its peak. And in the decennia that followed feminists of all sorts were making efforts to positively affirm every different corner of femininity. And now, the moment has arrived in which we can start and explore the world of masculinity. Because, what actually constitutes the masculine?

On june 8th I will co-present a pop-up university seminar. So come because spots are still available (for now):
Trans Masculinities
by Jiro Ghianni and Eliza Steinbock as a dialogue lab
9.30 – 17.30 hours in Das Spectrum
Spoken language is English

“We aim to involve all participants in a dialogue on the wide spectrum of trans-masculinities, within artistic and academic representations. Both dialogue partners (facilitators) Eliza Steinbock and Jiro Ghianni will provide short presentations and exercises that will get you thinking, drawing, talking, moving, and writing. We will see both images and quotes to inspire and stimulate; for instance photography from Claude Cahun and Manual Ricardo Garcia as well as writings by Jack Halberstam and Nael Bhanji. All (non-)genders are welcome, whether you relate to trans-masculinity(-ies) or not!”

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