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April 8, 2013 / TheBosoms

Putinarainbow protest

I have photoshopped Putin, because he has medieval homophobic ideas, so I’m having him tortured ‘medieval style’ by no less than four My Little Ponies, who all have very pretty rainbow colored hair:


I have submitted it to the excellent website ‘Putinarainbow‘.
Today I went to the protest in Amsterdam, in order to make ‘propaganda’ for LGBT expressions, hoping Putin would catch a glimpse of all the excellent stuff that was going on. I have never seen this much of a pink parade in my lifetime in the Netherlands ever… And I liked it.



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  1. Jiro / Apr 9 2013 11:18

    Someone commented on facebook: “Pony fetish, bondage fetish, torture fetish…what else is covered by that one picture?”
    I say: Age play, business suit & tie fetish, suspension, a poly fivesome, and perhaps a grassy meadow fetish? My pic is still waiting for ‘submission’ so it’s not showing up on the Putinarainbow site – perhaps it’s too kinky?

    • Jiro / Apr 9 2013 21:51

      Ah wait, it’s finally up! I’ll update the post.

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