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April 8, 2013 / TheBosoms

#242 100% approved!


So it finally happened: a famous Dutch person has announced his transition and got overwhelmed with media attention. It’s Maxim Februari from now on. The good thing is that he’s an intellectual, a writer, philosopher and has general knowledge on how to selectively deal with attention from the press. The bad thing is… Not much actually. Generally the coverage has been respectful, apart from the usual internet-comments hellhole ofcourse.
Something bothers me though: many people are positive about Maxim being such an eloquent and ‘neat’ and ‘normal’ man. I know I am not neat or peaceful, but I feel that, even as a flaming queer trans genderbender, I deserve the same respect.
I don’t think emancipation is finished until the weirdos and outcasts also get acceptance.

Oh and by the way: if you are Dutch, buy his book. Right now it is the ‘most borrowed book’ in the Netherlands I think. You must read it before you die.


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