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March 19, 2013 / TheBosoms

#239 What’s in a Twittername


Hey tweeps. Have you stopped wondering why this webcomic was called ‘@off_my_chest’ on Twitter?
Well… That’s because this was the actual name of the series. Just like this WordPress blog. Which in Dutch is cleverly named ‘ontboezemingen’ – a rough translation of the same expression. However, nobody refers to this cartoon by the name of the series. Ever.
So I’ve finally decided to name it after the two main characters: the bosoms. No capital letters here, on purpose. The bosoms don’t have names, although ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ is sometimes used as a joke.
Hm… Guess it’s time to write their biography. Although they’ve already had a moment of regression.


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  1. Brieuc-Yves (Mellouki) Cadat / Mar 19 2013 17:15

    Reblogged this on Brieuc-Yves (Mellouki) Cadat and commented:
    It’s just like this! 🙂

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