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March 12, 2013 / TheBosoms

Let me hear your voice


Example: I make cartoons about my own bosoms.

Question: do you think my ‘bosoms’ cartoons are offensive or scary?
It’s something I’ve been questioning for 3 years now, but I only ever got complaints from American transwomen, never from transmen or Europeans… Anyway, please let me know your thoughts.
You can immediately enter the poll in this page. Or, if it’s easier for you, you can reply to the poll on the bosoms’ Facebook page here.



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  1. Emily / Mar 12 2013 23:00

    I find it kind of sad that people can be so easily offended, especially other trans people who are so much more involved with the medical side of things. Please keep on drawing the bosoms… I’d miss them were these reactions to stop you!

    • Jiro / Mar 14 2013 02:40

      Hi Emily, thanks for your support! I haven’t had many people say they find my work ‘offensive’. But ‘not many’ is still enough to make me wonder. Especially because right now I’m involved in a kind of commission to make a whole comic page in a magazine – and they are worried my comics are ‘too scary’ for young transguys, which might be true.

  2. maddox / Mar 22 2013 01:21

    They were definitely weird at first, but they “grow” on you 😛
    Keep on doing what you are doing, you’re genuinely talented and I laugh out loud at some of these.

  3. artgrrl / Apr 8 2013 17:02

    Maybe they’re not offensive enough 😉 it’s not that you force people to look at your comics, I don’t like all the bosoms comics but I don’t complain.

  4. knightofwolf / Apr 17 2013 17:27

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