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January 19, 2013 / TheBosoms

#237 Phobia-time

I simply must repost this piece, I want to hug this man so badly! Or, I might even want to have his babies, I can still get pregnant 🙂 After reading his words I actually feel a bit of pressure to suddenly cure cancer and/or invent a flying car… But his basic message of solidarity really gets me. Even though the argument of trans people doing something beneficial for this world gives me odd bumps: it feels the same way whenever people tell me that as a transman I am so ‘special’ and that in the past trans people were ‘the communicators between people and the gods’… Why am I not allowed to just simply be boring and useless…? I deserve to be respected even if I’m a fat lazy ass, just like anyone else.


PS: Captain Janeway has nothing to do with the transphobic discussion. In daily life I’m simply rewatching all episodes of Star Trek Voyager these days. So apart from being trans, I’m also a nerdy geek. It’s a basic human right!


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