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August 1, 2012 / TheBosoms

#232 Pink Flight

Wow people, it’s finally happening: my nearly ten year old dream of moving to Amsterdam is really coming true!
I’ve found a permanent houseswap and, if all goes well, I’ll be living in the Venice of the North from september 17th on. It feels like I’m moving to Manhattan and I feel ecstatic.
I do however realize that I am personally responsible for a no les than triplepink flight‘: not only me (queer and transgender), but also my two homosexual guinea pigs (Nietzsche and Sartre) will be moving out of Rotterdam into the already very gay Amsterdam.


Well… My two guinea pigs are both biologically male-assigned and ofcourse I’m not sure whether one of them feels they have a transgender identity or not, which would make them straight. But I kind of like how Sartre keeps on humping Nietzsche – I think this would also have happened with the real life philosophers, had they been alive at the same time.


I feel a whole new series starting here…
Anyway, back to business. Sorry Rotterdam: even though there are some people there that I love . dearly, I cannot stay with you anymore. It’s time for me to spread my wings and go where the queer loons go.
I shall be very swamped and occupied, dear Bosoms fans, with this big move so still will not be able to produce many new cartoons.
Are you bored? Enjoy the 25 most popular cartoons of The Bosoms to keep yourself busy.


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