Cartoon #230 Nature


In about one and a half week I’m off to Seattle, to visit the Translations transgender filmfestival. It’s always of excellent quality so I’m sure I’ll see things that are fit to show at TranScreen.
I visited the festival before but my stay there was too short to do any sightseeing and this time i’m doing things differently – I’m staying longer and I’m taking a Greyhound bus to Mount Vernon where I’ll be renting a bike and plan to check out the scenic route towards the North Cascades National Park. I’ll also go to Vancouver, but for only two days – still the nature I’ll see there will be far more impressive than the zero ‘old-growth’ forests that are left in The Netherlands.
Apart from outdoorsy nature, I’ll also hope to get acquainted with human nature in Seattle more: there is a transman BDSM night in the CSPC (Center for Sex Positive Culture) where transmen and their admirers can cruise and play. I am so much in awe of this. I don’t see this happening in the Netherlands soon. The majority of transmen here don’t like being seen as trans and certainly usually do not wish to be admired for that. I personally have no problem with being seen as a sex object – especially if it is in a setting where I myself actually am also viewing others as a side dish. Nothing wrong with that. I think playing with admirers can actually be quite empowering. It’s different from being in a 24/7 relationship, which usually comes with a more in depth personal bonding. But… not everyone wants a relationship! For some people this is just not in their nature.


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