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March 26, 2012 / TheBosoms

Cartoon #228 Popular


Finally the long awaited greatest hits album of The Bosoms will be available at your local gender music store.
The album, aptly named “The Greatest Tits”, contains such classics as:
1. I Will Never Leave You And Your Dildo
2. Please Miss Surgery Man
3. Stop Dripping In The Darkroom
4. I’m In Love With Your Nipplehole
5. Lay All Your Testosterone On Me
6. You Make My Bandage Wet
7. Masturbation Is My Boyfriend
8. You’ve Got The Magic Bust
9. Copper Thieves Stole My Syringe
10. Sex Toys R’ Us
11. How Is Your Mammary Gland?
12. We Did It In The Ambulance

Now back to reality:

I have made a completely new page that shows the 25 most popular cartoons of The Bosoms series, so it’s a easier to navigate and get a quick impression.

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