Cartoon #226 Opportunities

I made this cartoon because the thought puzzles me. I probably would not have these opportunities for public display if I would still have my bosoms on me…
I gave a lecture on transgender imagery in film, this monday the 12th of march at Cinema Kriterion in Amsterdam. My short lecture functioned as a kind of introduction to the film screening of Hedwig and the Angry Inch (one of my favorite movies ever. I love to watch it over and over again, and no: I don’t think it’s a film that portrays transgender people accurately. That’s not what it’s for. It’s a glamrock sing-a-long!).
+ This wednesday I will be speaking and debating as a part of the ‘gender and sexual citizenship’ panel at the University of Amsterdam which I also mentioned in my ‘Drag Yourself‘ post. I wonder if the future of gender/sexual citizenship will also be a subject at the new Queeristan event this may.

UPDATE I: the text (in Dutch) of my tiny ‘transgender in film’-lecture can be read here (quick PDF download, 36kb).
UPDATE II: And here is the text (in Dutch) of my Mosse Panel ‘Gender- and sexual citizenship’-speech (quick PDF download, 44kb).

Ofcourse I like being invited for these kinds of things but it also feels a bit odd: am I the token transsexual now? Is there really such a great divide between who is trans and who is not?
I once jokingly said, when I was presenting during the Pride Photo Awards: “The only reason I was asked to do this, is because I am transgender myself, and I have no other competences what so ever.”

Anyway: watch Hedwig! If you’ve never seen it, you’ll love it, and if you’ve already seen it: you know you want to again.


2 thoughts on “Cartoon #226 Opportunities

  1. Actually, “I am transgender myself, and I have no other competences whatsoever” holds true for me, yet I’m also sometimes invited to participate in LGBT/queer/trans related things (not at the level that you are, but still). One could argue that being trans is quite a big competence in itself!

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