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Cartoon #225 Drag yourself

“We all came into this world naked. The rest is all drag.”
― RuPaul

Drag yourself to some drag events! (scroll down)
and come enjoy 3 public presentations with me.


1- I will be the guest of honor at the ever interesting “Get a room!” feminist film/discussion event on friday february 17th at Art-hotel ‘Mary K’, Oudegracht 25 in Utrecht, 8 ‘o clock.
It is promising to be a good one! They will have freshly baked cookies and they’ll be showing ‘Venus Boyz‘ – a film that had quite an impact on me the first time I saw it (and which features my sadly departed friend Brixton…). Your life as a genderbender won’t be complete if you haven’t seen this film.

2- Immediately after this I will be heading to De Hallen at the Bellamyplein in Amsterdam to perform together with the “Drag Queers” for the Queer Valentine show at midnight (“dress code: super cheezy, super sleazy”).
It’s a world premiere since I will be doing my very first female drag ever!
I felt it was about time… I’m going by the name ‘Roro Roulette’ 😀 I’ve been playing with the idea for a long time now.
Additionally it’s important to know De Hallen is said to be evicted – again we lose a squat, a big loss of open and ‘vrije’ space. I think the new law that made squatting illegal is going to drain huge amounts of creativity from the progressive movement.

3- Later next month I will be speaking at the rather intellectual Mosse Lecture series.
Together with Gert Hekma, Paul van Gelder and others I will be speaking about gender and sexual citizenship. The reason is the publication of a book recently about transsexual and transvestite prostitutes.
This presentation and discussion will happen on wednesday march 14th, from 17.15 until 19.15 at the VOC-zaal, Studiecentrum Bushuis, Kloveniersburgwal 48, at the University of Amsterdam.

Don’t tell me nothing ever happens here.


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