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January 27, 2012 / TheBosoms

Comic Book Sample

It is done! The first test sample for my first Bosoms-comicbook!
Much needs to be changed though, but looking good so far. It really ‘feels’ different to see the comics in physical form. No surprise there ofcourse: it feels nice to be able to touch the bosoms! (Bad joke, I know…).
My plan is to pick as many as possible from the first 100 cartoons and publish them as a comic book this year.
I also have a plan for another comic book about a completely different subject – but I am still designing the characters for that, and first I need to figure out what would be the best way to publish a book: Self-publish as an ebook by print-on-demand? Photoprint at Blurb? Or going to a real publisher and get an ISBN number and everything?
The most important thing for me is that I can have the freedom of which cartoons to pick and I want total control when it comes to creating the look of the book. Tips are welcome!

*UPDATE* I’d like to start the book as a cheap zine first, to see if this will make it easier to spread the content from (nice) person to (other nice) person. I’ve put the zine up for free download (PDF) so anyone who wants to can print it. The free download version is different and less classy because the reallife print is hand-colored and cut to the right size by me. And of course you can ask me to sign it personally for you 😉
Such incredible additions, right?
I am selling these 28 page zines for Euro 1,90 or less if you’re poor.
Just mail me at thebosoms[a] if you want to buy a signed copy!
Additional shipping costs apply.



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  1. maddox / Jan 28 2012 02:08

    Super congratulations! I love your comics and I am very happy that you are taking it to the next level. (And please let me know if I can help you spread the word)

  2. artgrrl / Jan 28 2012 14:42

    Looks good, Blurb is still expensive, but most full colour POD is expensive… I fyou want total control you’ll need to use offset…

  3. forfruitfuldreamers / Jan 29 2012 22:45

    I think that is really exciting! I’m hoping to branch off in the direction of publishing but the process seems so daunting to me right now because I’m not so organized. Congratulations!

    • Ontboezemingen / Jan 30 2012 11:58

      Thanks! Getting focused or organised is quite a challenge for me actually…

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