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January 8, 2012 / TheBosoms

Cartoon #224 Posture


I have been making comics about my bosoms for one and a half year now. And still the pain is killing me.
I am one of those few people who have incredibly bad luck: I have nerve pain.
This is because one or more nerves in my chest responded very badly to the mastectomy, quite a taboo among transgender people. I have NO happy message. I am in continuous agonizing pain in my chest: it feels like underneath my armpit a knife is sticking in, and my chest itself is constantly in burning pain all around the scar, plus there is an oversensitive spot going towards my belly that cannot be touched, not even by the clothes I am wearing.
I want this to end. I thought the operation would make my life better because of all this terrible pain it’s worse now.
Nothing helps, not even my sense of humor and the making of comic strips, but it’s nice to have them as a distraction, but while making them I feel the pain.
I cannot even sit still normally; my posture is all wrong. I twisted a muscle in my back because of it.
Luckily my friend Joran is a physiotherapist. He’s the one in the cartoon.
It took me hours and hours trying to get his face right – and it still only has a slight resemblance. Very difficult!
My computer even crashed and in the end I used many Photoshop distortions.
I finally chose number 3 because it fitted his body best.
Spot the differences!
(Numer 1 is the original hand drawing).


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