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January 8, 2012 / TheBosoms

Cartoon #223 Closet Trans

Coming out as trans: when do you tell?
And when you DO come out: do you come out all square…?
Read more below my cartoon:
A few weeks ago I had quite a pleasant experience in a gay cruising bar, where a guy started grabbing me, up to a point where I had to wonder: do I tell or not?
I decided not to use the T-word but break the news in a more suggestive way and said: “you will not find much down there…” So I left it for him to decide if this would be a problem. It wasn’t. But obviously he had no idea what was going on. He probably never even heard of transguys before. It made me feel a little unsafe and started wondering whether gay bars need more education on transmales. I’d surely like them to be supportive of cruising FTM’s in case anything bad happens! This left me with the idea of talking to Club Church and compiling my List of Golden Mixed Queerdom. They are now the first gay male sex club that is explicitly open to transmen! It makes me feel proud 🙂
But this is only the beginning: more testosterone-infused spaces will have to realize transmen are all around anyway. And regarding dark rooms and cruising zones: it’s quite an old subculture that seems to have its own rules and laws. Some of these feel strange when you’ve been socialised as a female. Things like: guys just start touching you without asking; saying ‘no’ isn’t immediately listened to; guys only seem to have very particular ‘types’ and even races they go for; etc.
Recently DUDE magazine was published: it’s a sexy and fabulous transmale magazine, featuring comics from Rooster Tails and with lots of interviews and information on transmale bodies, their diversity and how to love them.
“This first edition offers a useful guide for anyone who wants to know more about transmen, and particularly about sex with a hot furry bearded guy who’s made the transition.”
It’s available for download for free – spread the love and donate to them!



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  1. tamardo / Jan 8 2012 18:51

    Nice!! 😀 Thanks for this information!

  2. Nico Lippe / Jan 8 2012 23:00

    And, how dit your meeting end? ;-P

    • Jiro / Jan 9 2012 01:11

      The meeting ended in an academic philosofical discussion on the juxtaposition of gender metaphysics and the economic motivation of the new conservative movement. No… Not really…

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