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November 11, 2011 / TheBosoms

Cartoon #212 Sterilization

I’m constantly having trouble because my passport doesn’t match my gender.
Wherever I go: people ask me why there is an ‘F’ on my papers.
I feel a lot of pressure from all around me: all these different parties (the genderclinic, politicians, transsexual peer pressure) that want me to have a butcher cut up my body. Even the bosoms do it!
So I made a cartoon about it:
I do not want any operations anymore; I’m happy with my body. Occasionally I stop using testosterone, because I can: I still have all my inner bodyparts (like uterus, etc) so I can still make my own oestrogen when needed.
Unfortunately this means that under the current Dutch law I cannot change my papers into an ‘M’ – which would make social life easier for me. Ofcourse I’d rather have no gender at all in my papers! And it’s not a case of shame: I AM a proud and openly transgender person, but the essence of privacy is: you must be able to choose your moment of disclosure YOURSELF.
If you’d like to read more about the forced sterilization transgender people have to go through in the Netherlands, read more here.
I know that it’s not ‘just’ a case of human rights but there’s also medical implications involved: some say transmen must have their ovaries removed, or else they will suffer a very high danger of cancer, but this is not quite certain yet.
And if so: isn’t it my own decision whether I want to take that risk?
I’m waiting for the law to change.
Let’s keep our ovaries crossed!

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  1. vreer / Nov 11 2011 14:59

    Couldn’t agree more. Although kind of happy with my body as it is now, for political reasons I still regularly think: I shouldn’t have done all the stuff I done. Be it physical, be it legal. Anyway passport law doesn’t agree with me, since I’m on the wrong side anyway.

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