The Golden List of Mixed Queerdom

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JiroAs a queer transman* I’m collecting queer and (presumably) transfriendly venues for dancing, art and/or cruising.
Lately some gay male cruising clubs in Amsterdam have opened up for women. But I wonder: does this mean the guys that go there can handle transmen?
I am not so sure… I NEVER see a sign that warns people against their own assumptions about genitalia before they go into the darkroom. I’d feel safer if there were more explicit ‘houserules.’
I’m not saying I want all gay men to suddenly go down on cunt: it would just be nicer if they wouldn’t act so surprised all the time. Simply politely refusing is OK!
So underneath the cartoon I made here (about my personal hopes for mixed cruising), I need YOU to help me to complete my GOLDEN LIST with QUEER MIXED TRANSFRIENDLY venues!


I am NOT just adding any mixed space here… “Cafe ‘t Mandje” does not belong in this list.
Nor does PANN: it’s too commercial/unishaped and not queer in the alternative/experimental sense anymore.
I usually do not add a venue I haven’t visited/cruised myself – so… if you want your venue to be listed: invite me and show me how transfriendly you are. Or ask me about ‘houserules.’
Note: I am looking for a very special ‘diversity’ atmosphere, hard to pin down or explain. The snarky reviews are my personal view.
This list is in constant transformation. If anything transphobic happens in these places and the organisation involved does not respond adequately, I will remove them off this list (so please visitors: let me know!). Perhaps I’ll even put up a blacklist of “Bad-transphobic-places-you-wouldn’t-even-touch-with-a-ten-foot-pole”.
I hope it’s not a problem this whole page is in English. I need to reach as broad an audience as possible and lots of genderqueers I know do not speak Dutch.
Also I’m (possibly quite wrongly) assuming that places that have eccentric drag queens, performance art and butch dykes are also genderqueerfriendly. And it seems that everywhere where DJ Bo Monde goes is an interesting place 😀

UPDATE: I will be updating this list on a separate webpage.

Here it is:

Venues and shows in the Netherlands
(in alphabetical order)

Apollo Rotterdam. Holland’s oldest gay youth cafe now offers a transgender youth night. On irregular thursdays with a film, discussion or a fun workshop and a bar. Small audience, deserves more publicity.
Blue… @ Club Church, Amsterdam. Gay male cruising bar. Every thursday also open to women; drag performances, cruising and darkroom. The organisation is definately transfriendly, but the audience doesn’t know much about transmen (yet). Still lots of sexy fun! Find events on Facebook.
Bodycult @, Amsterdam. Tattoo and piercing studio. Very hygienic, neat, clean, open and very friendly. Go here for intimate piercings if you are a transguy and simply tell them you have a clitoris. They are aware!

Cruise Control @ ACU, Utrecht. Together with Kitty long time outstanding queer party in Utrecht. Electro and 80’s italodisco. Mostly queer but also a bit gendervariant.
Club Church, Amsterdam. Gay male cruising and sex club. Every thursday also open to women. The organisation is transfriendly and has been listening to my input very well. So now they are the only (as of yet) gay male crusing club OPENLY welcoming transmen! It’s just the beginning and we need more education and transawareness but at least the bar staff will listen to you if you were to encounter any kind of transphobia. Find events on Facebook.
Club Rits, Utrecht. Usually mixed, gays and lesbians. Occasionally ‘feels’ genderqueerfriendly, highly depending on the theme.

DILF (Disco I Love Forever), Amsterdam, is organised by DJ Lupe. Haven’t checked it out yet. See also: Fuxxx.
EKKO, Utrecht. An alternative dance space. Is only queer if a queer group organises something there.
Club Fuxxx, Amsterdam. Gay male cruising bar. DJ’s, cruising and darkroom. Recently: open to women on some sundays, but the regular crowd is very macho. Both the organisation and the visitors have possibly no knowledge of transmen. Find events on Facebook.
-Fruitcake, Amsterdam (what happened to it? Disappeared)
Furball, Amsterdam. As long as it is organised by people from Club Church it will be open to transmen! For bears and admirers. Expect manly sexyness.

Genderfree zone @ COC, Leiden. To my knowledge currently the ONLY regular party event specifically targeted at transgender and gendervariant people… Small crowd, so you might be dancing on your own, but OK.
The Getto, Amsterdam. Food and modest dancing, sometimes funny drag (kings and queens) contests. The bar staff uses the wrong pronouns, but there’s a nice atmosphere.
Girlesque, female oriented, for LesBi women and their gay guy friends. Varies, depending on the DJ, but mostly neat burlesque performances and nice atmosphere. Sometimes does a big mixed party, like at Canal Parade 2011 in Paradiso.
Grote Broek, Nijmegen. Legalised squat, eat at De Klinker, see art in De Onderboek, occasionally a queer party. Personally haven’t been there yet.

Hoerenbal @ Club Church, Amsterdam. Gay male cruising bar opens up occasionally for over the top sex/dance party. Open for women too. The organisation is definately transfriendly, but the audience doesn’t know much about transmen (yet). Haven’t been to one myself yet. Find events on Facebook.
Homogenic @ Ruigoord, Amsterdam. Queer, creative dressed-up dancing in a church, far, far away. Transpeople are almost invisible here but welcome. Find events on Facebook.
Herr Zimmerman @ Maassilo, Rotterdam. *Expensive* straight danceparty, sometimes openly gay, mostly mixed with arty hetero 35-year olds. Nice atmosphere though because of the arty scene.
Kitty Queers @ ACU, Utrecht. Now defunct. Was the queerest for 10 years! Queer alternative rock. Always lovely and always gendervariant-friendly -their last party was in march 2012, they may be succeeded to the throne by an event called ‘The Lick’

The Mighty Aphrodite Show, @ Comedy Theater Nes, Amsterdam. Vaudeville evening with performers from the queer community, seems very transfriendly, not sure about the visitors.

De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam, legalised squat and housing community. Very rarely puts up queer events, that are spread through word of mouth.
Night Creatures, Amsterdam. A queerfriendly artsy pop-up event that pops up in various locations.
OCCII, Amsterdam, queer legalised squat.
Overtoom301, Amsterdam, legalised squat and artspace.

De Peper @ OT301, queer food, queer performances, queer audience! Very transfriendly.
De Prik, Amsterdam. Just drinks, just relaxed. Mixed but mostly gay men. Feels mainstream but OK because they sometimes invite queer DJ’s.

Queer Aan Zee, Den Haag. Every last saturday of the month, informal drinks. Calls itself ‘queer’ but is mostly bisexual. Deserves an honorable mention because bisexuals seem to be the new parias of the LGBT community.
Queeristan, not a venue but an event, usually organised by Queer-NL activists. Houserules apply.

Roodkapje, Rotterdam. Not a party place but… an art gallery! Sometimes has queer and transgender artists, professional exhibits and queer performers. If you know of more queerfriendly galleries like these, let me know and I might compile a whole new list.

Cafe Saarein II, used to have the genderqueer Noodles cafe, which has gone underground but Saarein is still very open to transgender- and genderqueer people of all kinds, at least the owners are, but most of the lesbian crowd are not always friendly to transwomen, and wrongly hit on gay transmen. But it’s fun to go with friends.
Spellbound @ OCCII Amsterdam. Perfectly queer! Great VJ’s and DJ’s in beautifully renovated horse tram garage. Mixed alternative dance crowd, downstairs and upstairs. Has a bit of that ‘Berlin feel’ to it.

TranScreen, Amsterdam. I initiated it, so ofcourse it’s queer! 😀 Happens every two years (next should be in 2013), with lots of transgender and gendervariant films and some incredible parties…! Houserules apply.
Transfusion festival, Amsterdam. Not queer but targeted specifically towards transsexual and transgender people and their families and partners. A bit like a household fair (huishoudbeurs) with a closing party that can be quite nice. Happens every two years (next should be in 2012).
De Trut, Amsterdam. Definately queer! Dykes, faggots, potten, flikkers. Muddy basement. Some gendervariant people go there to party every sundaynight amongst the mostly young gay crowd with even younger fag hags. Fun queue, cheap beer. Enforces houserules.

-UNK, @ Club 8, Amsterdam. Supposedly a cleaner version of De Trut. Feels a bit too hip at times…
Vreemd, @ Café de Plak, Nijmegen. In one of the most queer and transgenderfriendly cities of the Netherlands there’s a two monthly queer thing in Café de Plak vega restaurant. I haven’t checked it out yet, so cannot say what it’s like but at least the name is great!: “I am odd.”
Vera, Groningen. Alternative rock venue for bands. Sometimes queerish crowd.
Viva la Vulva, an irregular female oriented queer party somewhere in Amsterdam.
Wasteland, various venues. This is mainstream fetish crap, but sometimes there’s some nice queer people (not many).

Good practices from the past:
The Ponyclub @De Unie, Rotterdam
-The Ponyclub @Club Zonder Concessies, Rotterdam
Her Dick @Poortgebouw, Rotterdam. Came with a brilliant zine by its organisers: Elle Bandita and Philippa. Since they left, nothing queer seems to happen there anymore.
WALP and Wild Side: the women/women S&M kinky events were always very transman- and transwoman-friendly. These days you have to travel to Berlin or Manchester for this…

NB: Most cities have nothing at the moment, but used to be booming when there were more squatters. This is a national trend, remember?:
Buttkraaker and ‘Freakndel’, Amsterdam (various squatted venues)
Schijnheilig, Amsterdam (evicted squat – now occasionally rents the Vondelbunker)
And probably more.
The queer community -needs- autonomous spaces because obviously right now there’s no way to be transfriendly in male dominated gay spaces.
We need space for minorities and to keep on feeding ourselves with new ideas.
If you happen to know of any more mixed, non-heteronormative and genderqueervariantfriendly spaces: let me know in the comments section! Here is a currently updated list of squats.

*= I use the label ‘transman’ for myself quite loosely. I do not identify with any gender, but most people read me as a sissy male, which is fine. Gendervariant or genderqueer could be the best labels for me. Also I am pansexual so I don’t mind when lesbian women come on to me – as long as they don’t see me as a woman. ‘Assumption’ is the keyword here.

And as an addition:
Events that have been deleted from the golden list, because they’ve become too mainstream, lack diversity, or whatever.
If you are part of the organisation of these events and you want to get back on: just be more queer!

Kiss Kiss Club in Nijmegen.
PANN in Utrecht.
Cozy Bar, Amsterdam. Mixed bar. Haven’t been there yet since a new owner took over. Mostly gay and lesbian. They used to have drag king and drag queen performances, but none yet in the new formula. Come on! You can do good again!

11 replies to “The Golden List of Mixed Queerdom

  1. Mooie lijst!
    Toen ik bij Kiss Kiss was, was het trouwens absoluut niet ‘queer’ – maar meer standaard ‘gay’, maar dat is lang geleden, dus iemand zou eens even erheen moeten gaan om het uit te checken.

    1. Okee, als er al 2 mensen zijn die Kiss Kiss niet queer vinden, lijkt dat me genoeg 🙂
      Die andere moet ik eerst zelf uitchecken, want ik zoek heel specifiek naar écht queerige ‘transtrots’ plekken, dus bijv. geen problematische travestie-praatgroep café’s.

  2. Cozy bar kun je er ook afhalen. Sinds de nieuwe eigenaren er zitten, gebeurt er niets spannends meer… – niets queers/drag related. niet zo druk als voorheen. En daarnaast zijn de drankjes een stuk duurder dan dat het was…

    1. Dank je voor je reactie Lee!
      Dat klinkt erg jammer. Maar de Cozy is toch nog wel echt gemixt?
      Dat kan de sfeer ook ten goede komen. Ik moet er eens heen dus… En een soort Michelin-ster systeem ontwikkelen.

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