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October 13, 2011 / TheBosoms

Cartoon #207 Cis Phobia

On october 15th, this saturday, there will be an info, discussion and day of fun and parties for transgender people and their allies in Groningen.
It has a great name: Genderdag (‘Genderday’).
It’s very far up north but I will definately be there. The Groningen transvestism- and transgender scene seems a bit more progressive than the national organisation it stems from. The bosoms are going to do some guerilla-cartooning there!
Here is one: it’s about cis phobia.


-“Oh no! With a name like that, there is a big chance we will attract an audience that is NOT transgender…!



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  1. Clare Flourish / Nov 11 2011 13:30

    Mmmm. It is nice to be in the majority occasionally. We would not want too many outsiders coming.

    • Ontboezemingen / Nov 11 2011 17:59

      Ha! Yes, we’re the minority most of the time, so yeah…

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