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October 7, 2011 / TheBosoms

Facebanned #200

I was hoping cartoon #200 would be about something else, but here it is:


After The Bosoms account got disabled by Facebook (and was allowed back on temporarily) I have a few things to say about Facebook. A few things that still deserve to be petitioned:

1. Facebook is not a person. Facebook has no emailadress and no way of contacting them about support questions, however: they demand that all members that have an account are actual PERSONS and will appear on the site with their real names.
2. Facebook is not a governing institution, however: when they disable your account, they want you to send them a copy of your real ID. If you send them a fake ID, they reply “this is against the law” – even though Facebook has limited rights to do policing or force any kind of legislation on you.
3. Facebook gladly disables all accounts of drag queens and other artistic persona. This refers back to point number one but it also poses a TRANSPHOBIC problem: if you are a transwoman/transman who has only just begun transitioning, and Facebook forces you to send them your real ID, will they disable your account on basis of your gender registration…?
4. Facebook is JUST a website. It’s simply a virtual tool for happy frolicking. Yet it has the power to truly enrage its members In Real Life with REAL anger…

That was my rant, and I will probably add more later.
For now: disconnect yourself from my old profile on FB and please ‘Like’ the official Bosoms page that’s gone back up.



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  1. vreer / Oct 7 2011 18:58

    I won’t disconnect. If you are deleted my connection stays with you! Together forever!

    • Ontboezemingen / Oct 7 2011 19:21

      Virtual platforms are trying to mess with our connections IRL, but we will not let that happen!

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