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September 29, 2011 / TheBosoms


zillaFacebook has deleted both my Bosoms-cartoon fanpage as well as the Bosoms profile!
Without any notification or explanation.
I’m extremely bummed… I found out about it because many of my friends who are drag queens also got deleted. I got alarmed and tried to log in, but got a page that said my account got disabled (quite an insult to the disabled by the way). I sent them a photoshopped ID with my drivers’ licence, carrying the name “De Boezems” – but they did not accept it! I did this, because I do not think Facebook deserves to receive a real ID.
Additionally I asked them why my Bosoms fanpage got deleted, because it does not violate terms in any way. All I can do is wait for an answer. I am not sure yet if a big protest-email-bomb from all of the Bosoms’ friends would help.
But: I will give them until monday, october 3rd. If no declaration is given, I will start some action and will need your support.
It’s preposterous: Facebook is just a website. Nothing more. Facebook is not some kind of government institution. They have NO right to ask people for their identification documents.
Tips are very welcome. I will probably start a petition.
NB: It’s interesting to see FB does not have a petition option itself!- i’m sure most petitions there would actually be about Facebook…
I am mailing with them. Nothing can be done about the deletion of the profile account, but MAYBE they can bring my fanpage back! If I cannot do that, I will start an online petition, and will need all the help I can get.

UPDATE october 4th:

There is still no definate answer from Facebook, I’ll have to wait until friday october 7th.
But things are looking grim…

UPDATE october 7th:

Facebook brought our ‘person’ profile back TEMPORARILY – and after our official page got deleted as well, we urge you to move to that same page now here: The Bosoms
– because that is the one that will stay, and will not be deleted again (unless Facebook turns transphobic yet once more).



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  1. Emily / Oct 1 2011 10:15

    That’s inexcusable. Facebook show no sense of responsibility our privacy and then show no sense of responsibility or due process when they pull completely innocent content on their site. I’m getting so tired of them! This sounds like pure transphobia on their part.

    I hope you get your fanpage back!

    • Ontboezemingen / Oct 1 2011 10:36

      Thanks Emily!
      And I wonder: what would they do if they happen to notice my gender on my ID does not match my gender on Facebook?
      Can they take the right to do this policing?

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