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September 18, 2011 / TheBosoms

Private collections

Sometimes I make cartoons for friends.
This means that some of The Bosoms’ cartoons are now in private collections.
How bourgeois!
For archiving purposes I am showing some of these ‘private parts’ to you now.
The last one unfortunately no longer exists physically, so I had to recreate it.

1. Rough floor
This cartoon was for a friend who moved into a new house and had to do a lot of polishing of her new floor.
Text: “The bosoms love scoured floors…”
– “They’re so nice and rough…”


2. Post Operation
This cartoon was for a friend who was going to have chest surgery. From my own experience I know: it’s much nicer to look at your own body if you’re happy with it!


3. Garbage bags!
There was a LOT of rain at the Gay Pride Canal Parade in Amsterdam this year. So me and my friends dressed ourselves in garbage bags… I drew some nipples and bosoms on the bags for whom ever wanted to have them…


4. TransGlitter
I had borrowed a tube with glitter from a friend. But it took me many, many weeks to finally give it back to her. I felt bad about it, mainly because other people asked me to borrow it so finally there wasn’t much left. So I made a cartoon for her and dropped it, with the glittertube attached to it, in her mailbox as an apology. She hasn’t killed me.
Text: “Thanks for the glitter!”
– “We’ve surely made good use of it!”




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  1. artgrrl / Sep 19 2011 11:32

    ik stem voor nummer 1!

    • Ontboezemingen / Sep 19 2011 11:40

      Dus de rest is slecht…?
      Snappen we wel hoor: de andere drie zijn vooral leuk voor de individuen voor wie ze speciaal gemaakt zijn.

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