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April 5, 2011 / TheBosoms

Cartoon #177 Selfservice

The world’s FIRST selfservice cartoon:


I’m much too busy this week, so you’ll have to think of something yourself.
I’ve put in some random objects, for your pleasure.
The person who makes the most original joke, might win something.
I’m not sure what.
Think of something yourself please.
Thank you.

UPDATE: It’s a little bit disappointing to see that the only cartoon I ever made that has absolutely NO content, actually got rather high ratings.
It really seems: the harder I try to make a ‘good’ cartoon, the less people seem to like it. I am not aiming for high ratings, it’s just something that surprises me! I was assuming my own taste would automatically rub off on the quality of a given cartoon, and was expecting that things that are not ‘my style’ automatically lead to a worse type. How quaint.



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  1. artgrrl / Jun 12 2011 11:13

    “maybe we should take our holiday in Kate (Middleton)’s dress, since she lost her bosoms before that wedding with William”
    “cool! then I bring some ‘tools’ to spice up her honeymoon!”

    • Ontboezemingen / Jun 12 2011 11:53

      Your thoughts are (almost) sicker than mine 😀

      • artgrrl / Jun 12 2011 12:35


  2. artgrrl / Jun 12 2011 11:15

    “what’s with all the tools?”
    “I’m creating a hamster that looks like a bosom”

  3. Sytse / Nov 24 2015 14:12

    Nieuw gezegde: “Als de kunstenaar van huis is, dansen de boezems op de tafel.”

    “Pas op, je lekt bloeddruppels in de wijn”.
    “En wat dan nog? Wijn is toch het bloed van Jezus? Daar kunnen best een paar druppels van mij bij.”

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